Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Portfolio update part 1 (year 2020)

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to share the update of my current portfolio.

Currently I am focusing on 3 shares so that I can concentrate better and also focus more time on my day job.

The 3 shares that I have (I have shared before) are:

Fu Yu: 20000 shares (current price at 0.285)
Hrnetgroup: 6100 shares (current price at 0.605)
Ascendas Reits: 1160 shares (current price at $3.10)

 I have added an additional 2100 shares of hrnetgroup at the price of $0.60 which I think is a good price to add on more. Hopefully hrnetgroup will be able to rise again to it's ipo pricr, while collecting dividends of around 4.8%

Ascendas Reit, nothing much on this, it steadily going up and I am glad to have a positive capital gain on this. I will just put it in cold storage mainly to collect dividends than capital gain.

Fu Yu, my hero of the year, got 4 digit unrealize gain from Fu Yu, without the adding of dividends collected. DBS and RHB gave a TP price of $0.35 and $0.29 respectively together with UOB Kay Hian given the TP of $0.295.

Personally I felt that Fu Yu is a good company to hold and collect dividend as it's fundamental is quite good (strong cash flow with no debt)

Hopefully this year Fu Yu can work it way up for it revenue and profit, hopefully we can see Fu Yu at $1 range again?

So with that said, my current portfolio now is around $12.9k. not too shabby but still got a lot of room to growth. Hopefully this year I can hit minimum $20k in my shares portfolio or can hit $25k is a bonus.

So let's see how it goes!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

End of 2019, Moving to 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have a great year for 2019, it is definitely for me as this year quite a number of things happen to me especially my job change, new colleagues and new challenge. Also this year is the year that I start building up my portfolio.

So below is my portfolio

Fu Yu - 20000 shares
Ascendas Reit - 1160 shares
HRNet Group - 4000 shares
SSB - 10000 unites ($1 each)

Total portfolio value: $20,775
Dividends collected this year: $405.83

Dividends not that fantastic but it is still growing and hopefully my portfolio can hit $35,000 next year, with the dividend yield of 5% ($1750)

Of course, there is still CPF portion, the interest is going to come by early Jan 2020. Will be wondering how much i will get.

So with this, I will end my blog!!

See ya!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Nearing the end of 2019, so what is my goal for next year?

It's already November 2019, two more month before the start of year 2020. This year was an eventful year for me as I just changed my job and lots of new challenges are laid down infront of me to go through.

Things have settled down for me and now it's time for me to plan my savings and investment journey!

This year spend quite a lot on treatment for my family, so my savings has been quite stagnant for this year, not much growth. Hopefully next year will be a good year but let's see how it goes.

So my financial updates

My assets are still the same, whereby I live in my condo that I bought two years ago and I have checked the latest price in srx, the value went up by $100k, which is a good sum but didn't have the intention to sell my unit yet.

My stock/bond investment
Fu Yu - current value $4500
ISDN - Current value $2400
SSB - current value $10000 - from joint account

Cash savings
Personal account - $650 (for my daily expenses)
Joint account - $21000 (only my money but handle by my wife)

OA - $4000 - use for housing installment
SA - $32000
MA- $29000

So if I am measuring only my own money, not joint account, my total will be $11,500 and my joint account saving is currently at $31,000

Not bad I must say but have to save more and invest more! I will be getting around $3000 after I get my AWS for investing, have yet to consider which stock to invest with this $3,000.

Starting next year Jan, I will update my passive income every month so as to arrive for all the readers to walk this path to $150k again!

I also have another goal which is to hit $200,000 in a bank account (joint account) before I hit 35 years old. So that we can become a privilege member of the bank account (have yet to consider which account to focus on yet but we will see, still got 4 more years to go!)

So wait till for my next post in the month of Jan 2020, I will be reporting my interest for my cpf account !


Saturday, February 23, 2019

I am going to clone myself to work towards my financial freedom

Hi everyone,

If you have seen the header, yes you are right. I am going to clone myself to work towards my financial freedom. Am I going to create a machine or create a medicine yo do that? No.

In fact many of us has try to clone ourselves to work towards financial freedom which is to investing and collecting dividends.

Cloning is just another way of saying that. So now you might want to leave the post as this post is nothing more than just a passive income post. If you are those who are able to achieve financial freedom, then yes this post is not much for you. However, those who have difficulty in saving money or investment, please take a look at this post as it might help you in the future

Why I say I am cloning myself? Simple, by investing or saving, you are like investing in yourself. However, many people might not think that saving and investing is enough which is why they tend to overspend on luxury goods and services to treat yourself better as a reward.

Yes that is a valid investment as well. But in order to achieve financial freedom fast, you must not think of it this way. Try to think that you are raising your another self to work for you. By raising your another self, you would need to spend time and money on him before he can go work and earn money for you.

Same concept as how you raise your kid. So treat this clone as your child, your child will need lots of expenses like diaper, milk, clothing and etc. So give all these to your clone via money and saving. Actually we already have a clone called CPF. This clone will help you when you are at your retire age by giving you a monthly allowance to you for spending when you are old.

So technically one clone is already there for you so now you can make yourself another clone to work for you if you wish to retire early.

This is a rushed post but just want to share with all that by using another way you can make yourself save more and invest more.

Hope you like this post!