Monday, October 31, 2016

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report - October 2016

Hi Everyone,

This month was a good month for me because I manage to save more money due to my increment. It was certainly a good jump in my salary and poof! my saving increase from 76% to 79%! I did not clear any of my goal and at the same time, I cleared my wedding ring installment! (Which means my expenses will go down by $450 per month!)

This post will be a very short one because this is another month whereby I did not keep track of my expenses. The reason is because there are too many things to handle and due to the tight schedule, I did not manage to monitor my expenses. (Probably for the next 2 months as well)

Not to worry, I will start tracking my expenses in 2017! A brand new year with a brand new goal! (Property!)

As for my passive income, well, it's constantly increasing which I believe I can hit $2,000 mark by December 2016!

150K progress - October 2016

As of now, my savings is around 79%. 21 more percent to go before I hit my target, which boils down to around $31,500 more to go!

Conclusion - October 2016

3% jump is indeed a huge jump but the coming month will be a tough one for me because of the wedding expenses kicks in. So might see a drop in next month's saving progress report. But wedding is a once in a lifetime thing, so who cares! (push it till December 2016, where my bonus comes in)

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