Saturday, February 3, 2018

Building my stocks portfolio

Hi everyone!

After a Long period of time, finally I have some spare cash to build my own portfolio from scratch. Previously I divested all my holdings due to purchasing of property and renovation (of course keeping sufficient emergency funds as well).

This week, I have been loading up some shares which I believe is still in fair value despite the rise in STI (from 2600 level to 3500 level) really impressive jump. Although I did missed the opportunity to make some capital gain but still no regret as I am really happy with my new home.

I am more towards building dividend portfolio rather than capital gain portfolio as I prefer to build a stable passive income through dividends. So currently I have bought some shares to start off with my portfolio. Below are the shares

1) SingTel - 300 shares
2) Netlink NBN trust - 1000 shares

Just bought a small amount as I am just getting ready to purchase and currently the market seems like going down (bear market) so will buy more if the price is right. I am still aiming for some shares like Keppel DC REITs, FCT and etc. These are some of the shares that I plan to have in my portfolio. Hopefully can get it but this year, with the best price of course!

Slow and steady wins the race, no need to rush all in. Just follow your pace and you will naturally build your own desired portfolio.

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