Friday, December 26, 2014

First Formal Blog Post

Hello everyone! My name is James, from Singapore. If you are wondering what does "JYKL" stands for, it is basically my name, James Yeo Ken Long. 

Personally, I have created multiple blogs and most of them have their own "Character" or should I sat theme in each of them. So do visit my other blogs if you have time. :)

So this blog, it will be my personal blogs from the life ever since I am graduate and working. I just graduated (officially) from National University of Singapore (NUS) 5 months ago and I have worked in a IT solution company (Steria Aisa PTE LTD) for 7 months. Personally, I felt that the transition from a student to a full time worker is definitely astounding, however, I still have the passion of learning from projects to projects when working in my company. I currently holds the position as a cyber security engineer where I help to manage the security infrastructure, providing security services (compliance, log analysis and risk management), pre-sales and mainly on Research & Development project.

There are various topics that I am going through right now in my personal life and experience so I shall share all these experience or tips that would be helpful to the people who are reading this blogs. The topics varies from investment, jobs, courses, entertainment and much much more. So do stay tune to this blog.

Thank You.

James Yeo Ken Long!

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