Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lose Weight and Earn Vouchers!

Hi Everyone!

There are two activities or event rolled out by Singapore Health Promotion Board to encourage people in Singapore to lose weight! Not just that, when you reach certain criteria, you are able to get rewards! 

That's truly amazing. 

The two activities are 1 million KG challenge Season 2 and Healthy Living Trial! If you happen to have the chance to join these activities, join it and win vouchers (just wondering what vouchers that we will be getting)

Do check out the links of these two activities to understand how the game works!

After all, the purpose of this is to able to earn extra cash and vouchers by doing something extra :) So why not try these event out to earn something out of it (your health and vouchers! + mystery gift!)

I will post the gifts that I have gotten from these two activities once I got it. Do stay tune!

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