Sunday, June 19, 2016

Captain America Civil War Comparison on Managing Your Finances By Yourself or By Others?

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Today's topic is about whether to manage the money by yourself or by others (third party agents) in order to grow your savings. I am taking reference to Captain America Civil War because this topic is quite similar to what this topic is about.

Managing the Money By Yourself (Captain America Team) VS Other Parties Managing Your Money (Ironman Team)

Both have their good and bad, however, it is really up to the individual to really know what they want to do with their money and their comfort level in managing their own money. There is certainly no right or wrong answer but lets have these two options battle it out like in Civil War!

We will take a look at these few points in order to see which side you want to be on!

1. Control Your Own Finances - Team Captain Win in My Opinion

captain america iron man chris evans civil war

Just like in civil war, whether to let third party to control your power, in this case, your finances. If you control the finance by yourself, you can take control of it and make any decision based on your own views. However, with the control of third parties (like fund managers, CPF or even ILP), you don't need to worry about allocation but just pay your monthly payment to these third parties in order for them to manage it for you. 

Certainly, third parties agenda can changed, at first they can tell you that they will help you to manage your money well and they will be 24/7 on call. However, when they left the companies, they might not picked up your call anymore since other agents will have taken over you case (which they don't really even bother about it since they didn't earn much from you anyway).

2. Financial Knowledge - Draw

This really drives down to individuals whereby are you capable in making money through investment or will destroy your own savings due to lack of knowledge.

Like iron man has mention, leaving to the capable man, they will restrict us to go wild and cause devastation to others (others can refer to your family and friends whereby you can cause burden to them especially if you burn your savings)

Of course as captain america has said, what if their decision is wrong and we cannot do anything about it? This will mean that we will also lose money if we follow the wrong person.

So in this case, really have to weight the importance of who to follow or not following anyone at all

3. Payable Fees - Draw

If we follow team iron man and allow third parties to manage our money, will they make sufficient money for us in order to justify for the commission they get? Well, this is really a tough question because nothing is certain and your agent might not stay with you through your entire plan that you have committed.

So does this fee really justified for agents to earn? Or should you managed your own money and everything you will be account for your own decision that you made. It is really hard to measure to see which side win

4. Investment Returns - Team Iron Man Wins in My Opinion

trailer civil war captain america civil war

If you look carefully, thing like CPF is manage by government and STI ETF are manage by fund managers and they are pretty attractive to low risk investors because of their stability and consistent returns. However if you manage by yourself, you might risk of losing money in bear market. There are many instances whereby people go bankrupt when they are managing their own finances.

So if we look carefully, funds control by third parties can be relatively safe from burning yourself.

So these are some of the points that I have in mind when it comes to this topic. So which side will you choose? Manage the money by yourself (captain america team), or manage your money by third parties (iron man team)

Which side would you choose?

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  1. Interesting analogy. Fun article. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! My first attempt to have such analogy to my fav novie