Thursday, June 30, 2016

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report - June 2016

Hi Everyone,

Finally, it is the end of June 2016, as mention in the previous monthly report post, I will be doing a summary of my passive income, expenses and savings in this blog post. With this blog post, I will be able to note down my progress every month.

So below is my report for June 2016:

Investment and Passive Income - June 2016

My investment still remains the same as compared to May 2016 as I did not make any move into purchasing or selling any shares. Understand that Brexit event would have been a good opportunity to grab some cheap shares but I didn't because I am aiming for property next year, so I will continue my investment journey after I have settled my property down payment.

My passive income in June 2016 was $136.42 which are all main from OCBC 360 interest and UOB One account interest. This is a good monthly income as it can cover my travel expenses. Certainly, for the month of July, I hope I can hit $138 (if possible).

Savings and Expenditure - June 2016

Based on the graph below, my expenses break down are as below:

1) Travel: $120 (Planned) VS $120 (Actual) - I bought adult concession so the amount is fixed
2) Food (Weekday): $160 (Planned) VS $97.10 (Actual)
3) Bills: $120 (Planned) VS $91.16 (Actual) 
4) Entertainment: $120 (Planned) VS $124.10 (Actual)
5) Others: $580 (Planned) VS $556.57 (Actual)

Overall: $1,100 (Planned) VS $988.93 (Actual)

Goal - June 2016

I have yet to achieve any goal for this year yet.

150K progress - June 2016

As of now, my savings is around 70%. 30 more percent to go before I hit my target! Wish me luck!

Conclusion - June 2016

This is a good result whereby my entertainment target was the only one that exceed the planned target. However, the overall expenses still within $1,000. This is indeed a good goal for me and I am really happy about it. Of course, I did not included my wedding expenses as I have already set a side the amount that I needed for wedding. 

My passive income was also doing a good job of having $136.42, which practically covers my travel expenses as well as some of my food expenses. I hope by the end of this year, I could hit $150 per month for my passive income.

As of now, I have yet to hit any of the goal that I have set for myself, I am getting worried because the year is ending soon yet I have not accomplished any of my goal that I have set for myself. Well have to see next month then!


  1. You are progressing well and no worries about hitting those goals as you have another 6 months! Good stuff with your property down payment and do blog about your property search process as I'm sure it will be interesting!

    1. Hi Finance Smith,

      Property is a heavy thing for me, will need to digest a but more before I start sharing my experience.