Friday, June 17, 2016

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report - May 2016

Hi Everyone!

Every month, from now, I will do a monthly report of my expenses as well as my passive income update on the first of every month (Excluding this post because I want to standardize the way that I consolidate all my monthly report).

So below is my report for May 2016

Investment and Passive Income - May 2016

This page will show the investment portfolio and the yearly (current) passive income that I have earned. 

Savings and Expenditure - May 2016

This is my planned expenditure and from this planning, I will based on my take back salary against the expenses to calculate how much I will save per month.

*Gotten from: - Big Saving Small Planning Website

Based on the graph below, my expenses break down are as below:

1) Travel: $120 (Planned) VS $120 (Actual) - I bought adult concession so the amount is fixed
2) Food (Weekday): $160 (Planned) VS $80 (Actual)
3) Bills: $120 (Planned) VS $29.90 (Actual) But if we add the $80 bill in should be around $109.90
4) Entertainment: $120 (Planned) VS $120.50 (Actual)
5) Others: $580 (Planned) VS $465.96 (Actual)

Overall: $1,100 (Planned) VS $896.36 (Actual)

That is awesome for me to achieve this result and certainly I can look forward to save even more however, there is wedding expenses that I need to take into consideration. But overall, I am happy with the result as I have achieve what I have set for myself.

So this is the report card that I have produced for this month, hope June will be a better month for me. 


  1. What is included in the other's column?

    1. Like insurance payment, installment, tax and etc. Because some are one off things so i label it as others

  2. What about things like parents' allowance, income tax, insurance..

    1. Most of them i put it under others because my insurance, income tax are once per year thing. ( pay by per year instead of month)

      For parent allowance i given them one shot payment for 2.5 years, 250 per month. So after july next year i will resume to give them monthly allowance

  3. Is that 250 per mth for each parent or 250 per mth for 2 parents?

    1. Each parent 250, to cover the expenses. My bro will join in later once he got his job. So our parent will have sufficient allowance