Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 Things Learnt When Dealing With Cost Management for Wedding

Hi Everyone!

As I am in the process of preparing for my wedding, which is at the end of this year, and also I have come across a few blog post about wedding budget, with that I shall share my humble opinion on the topic of Cost Management for Wedding Budget.

As many people have mention, wedding is a once in a lifetime event so some couple will spend quite a sum of money to have a grand wedding with hundreds of guests attending the ceremony. Of course, this is not wrong, who wouldn't want a memorable wedding that the couple can remember. However, it is also important to understand their own financial capability before making any hasty decision.

So with that mention, many people will think that we should have a proper plan for the wedding so that we can maintain our budget to a certain limit. This is a correct approach as it can help the couple to monitor the expenses and not going over their financial limits. Many financial bloggers have pointed out the needs to have a proper planning and scope for wedding.

However, in my opinion, things usually don't follow what has been planned. The reason is because there might be some unexpected situation like the location not available, your parent intend to invite more friends and etc. This can really kill your budget faster than you thought. 

Based on my personal experience, such unexpected situation can really happen. However, you shouldn't panic when you encounter such situation. Because the more you panic, the more confuse you will get and this will lead to making wrong decision. lucky for my wife and I, we were pretty calm when such situation occur whereby our ROM location was not ready for us to use and we will have to find alternative place for our ROM. Although the cost is pretty high (1K++) but we are able to maintain our budget without exceeding it.

The reason why we are able to achieve that is because during the planning process, I have allocated some buffer (which we can afford) in the wedding expenses. Because I knew that at some point of time, something unexpected will happen. So I decided to go ahead with adding some buffer in our expenses.

So the lesson that I have learnt is that whatever financial planning or budgeting that you do, it would be best to add in some buffer just in case some unexpected situation happen. Because not all the things will go according to your plan (if not you can buy lottery hahaha).

So these are the few things that I have learn during the process of wedding preparation

  1. Always prepare a budget before you start your wedding preparation
  2. Always Prepare for Plan B and even Plan C
  3. Set some buffer to cater for unexpected situation
  4. Be calm when dealing with unexpected situation
  5. Always monitor and update your expenses

Not sure if you agree with my point of view, do share with me what are the things that I might have missed out as I am still in the process of wedding preparation.


  1. Hi James, since I recently wrote on this topic as well, allow me to shameless copy & paste some lines. In the process of achieving cost-savings for your wedding, with or without money, try your utmost to create memories that both of you will cherish, remember, reminisce and laugh over for the rest of your lives. It is a celebration of love, after all :) Before I forget, congratulations!!

    1. Hi TI,

      Thank You, do share with me your blog as well, so that I can view it and put it at my blog listing!