Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pokemon Go! Potential Expenses For Most Players

Hi Everyone!

Today's topic is about the potential expenses for most players when playing the game, Pokemon Go! I truly understand the hype of Pokemon Go, because I am one of the player who is waiting for the game to be available in Singapore. So let me share some of the potential expenses that might incurred in some of the players.

1) In App Purchase

Pokemon Go as well as other free games like Clash Royal, have in game purchases which would will or boost the player's ability to gain higher level or become stronger. In Pokemon Go, you can purchase their virtual money to purchase items to gain level or to hatch Pokemon Eggs. It is inevitable for some players to spend money because of their competitiveness. However, do remember that not to spend so much money on games if you are on the way to achieve financial goals as it will cost you a lot.

Tip: Just play for fun, don't rush too much on upgrading or leveling up your Pokemon. In anime, Ash also train his Pokemon by going through tough journey, if he can do it, so can you!

2) Restaurant or shops request purchases before entering to their shop to catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go is a augmented reality plus location based game whereby the user will have to physically walk to the specific location in order to find and catch Pokemon. Some of the Pokemon might appear in some shops or restaurant. Thus, those owners might make use of this hype to create some conditions like patrons/trainers/gamer would need to purchase something from them before they are allow to go in to catch Pokemon. This is a good opportunity for shop owners but a hole in the pocket for trainers/gamer.

Tips: Try to avoid such places and search for alternative places for the Pokemon that you want to catch. This will take some time but will save you quite a sum of money. 

3) Data Usage and Battery Usage

Based on my research on some articles, it can cost high data and battery usage when playing Pokemon Go (Especially when you play 24/7). Singapore Telco has been charging around $10 for additional usage of 1GB data, which can be quite costly to those who are still studying. Certainly, if you constantly play Pokemon Go, your devices will also consume large amount of battery/power. 

Tip: Use wifi if possible, like Wireless@SG or go somewhere near your house to capture Pokemon, if really need to, don't play too much Pokemon Go, as it is just a virtual reality. Work hard in your studies and career as you should prioritize this over Pokemon Go. If really need to be, get a better mobile plan. For electricity wise, charge your devices in school or in work place. So that you can cut down your electricity bill.

So the above are the potential expenses and some tips for the gamer on how to cut down the expenses. So if you have anything to add on, please feel free to comment below.


  1. I have been reading about this Pokemon Go craze in the countries where the app is available. It's fascinating stuff! I'm waiting to see what the hype is all about!=)

    1. I believe is because with the location based game whereby the player would need to walk around to catch Pokemon, it actually gives the player a more realistic experience on how Pokemon should be like. Yea the hype is there in all around the world. Shall see when will this game available in Singapore