Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breakthrough for Sheng Siong and ST Engineering!

Hi Everyone!

Today is quite a green day for me (in my portfolio) because of the rise of all my blue chips and Sheng Siong shares. 

Firstly on DBS review, it went back up to $19.72 in the late morning to early afternoon and it drop back down to $19.60. Although it still quite low but I am happy that it raise a bit despite yesterday downfall. If this trend keeps going like this, it would mean that the price range for DBS is around the price between $19.56 to $19.72. (Just hope that tomorrow will be a good one also)

Secondly, Sembcorp Industries, this share always hike up in the early morning to mid afternoon around 3pm to 4pm, then when it comes to 5pm, it will jump back down to $4.3x range. It had been happening for a few days already. I was thinking if someone is playing contra with the stock which enables them to buy at low and sell at high in the early morning. (well just guessing!)

Thirdly, Sheng Siong, if finally close with a new height of 74.5 cents! yay! Hope it will go on further and further with the expansion of new outlets and new territory (China!) If all these are successful, I can see a hike in the share price which will hit to a dollar per share.(Just my personal view, dont take it too seriously) 

Fourthly, ST Engineering, a sleeping giant finally awake! This giant finally took a step forward and make it's mark to $3.45! Small but stable increment as compared to Sembcorp Industries. I would like to see how this blue chip going to grow to it's former glory of making up to $4 or $5 (can't remember)

Lastly, my updates on my REITs, today the REITs that I am holding, mostly all went down. Well just a bit but AIMS AMP Cap Industrial went down a lot same goes to Keppel DC REITs. Well, I will juts leave my REITs alone and collect dividends from these REITs which is my long term plan for all my REITs.

One more thing, Singtel, M1 and Starhub is still not coming back :( Come back leh....


  1. Hi!

    To be frank, every mother's blue chip also increased by a lot today...Maybe something to do with the central bank all over the world reducing interest rates or doing their form of QE, so this party will go on further? No idea lol!

  2. Yup... and today all fall.... hahaha