Friday, February 27, 2015

Survey Voucher Verified! - Toluna

Hi Everyone!

Previously, I have taken MySurvey which earns me a $10 NTUC voucher - MySurvey Reward!

At the same time, I also taken Toluna Survey which I took, also earns me a reward of $10 Dairy Farm Voucher!!!

Got Picture Got Talk :D

So I can safely say that Toluna is a trustworthy website which deliver their promise. 

This is the Toluna website - Do not worry, this is not a referral link as you can double check and triple check, If you think that this is a referral link, do a google search "Toluna". 

I am not promoting Toluna, I am here to share some trustworthy website which allows you to earn vouchers :D 

*Note: Do let me know if you want me to test out any survey website to test for their credibility. 

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