Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review on my Portfolio - Building my own empire

Hi Everyone!

As an new investor, I am still unable to get use to the fact of seeing red in my share prices that I own. However, looking at the bright side, I am actually the owner (shareholder) of a local bank - DBS, Utilities - Sembcorp, engineering company - ST Engineering, Shopping Malls - Fraser Centerpoint Trust, Chain Super Market - Sheng Siong, industrial property owner - Aims Amp Industrial REITS and Cambridge Insutrial Trust, Healthcare related property - First REITs, Data Centers - Keppel DC REITs and commercial building - Soilbuild Business Space REITs.

Awesome isn't it. I am lacking of Telco company, transport and beverage companies which will give me a full exposure of all the sectors building my own company JYKL company :D That's cool! Just like a game, building your own buildings, business and etc. That's was awesome!

Not sure whether anyone think this way but it's cool if you look at it this way :) So how I earn money? Dividend + capital gain. My eye will be more focus on Sheng Siong, Soilbuild Business REITs and Keppel DC REITs. These three are basically my baby, because they are growing and still have potential to grow. Wonder how these three share will grow in the future.  

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