Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Small Updates of JYKL

Hi Everyone,

I have been inactive for quite sometime as I was busy with handling my career stuff, a job hop is the exact phase for my activity.

Yes, I am changing job, because I am still young so I am seeking for opportunity before I hit 30. Well at the same time I also intend to upgrade myself by getting myself certified as my goal is to become a project manager or consultant.

Well, enough about my career stuff, so I will start to share my portfolio status. Now I only left with 4 counters as I sold DBS for small profit aka kopi money (coffee money). So I have left with:

1) CCT
2) M1
4) Keppel DC Reit

Now my realized profit and my unrealized loss adds up to a total of $0, so it means that I am back to where I am except that I still earn some dividends.

So this is my little update for my portfolio, as I am not as active as before since these will be my long term counters unless the profit is there, then I will take it :D