Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Portfolio update part 1 (year 2020)

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to share the update of my current portfolio.

Currently I am focusing on 3 shares so that I can concentrate better and also focus more time on my day job.

The 3 shares that I have (I have shared before) are:

Fu Yu: 20000 shares (current price at 0.285)
Hrnetgroup: 6100 shares (current price at 0.605)
Ascendas Reits: 1160 shares (current price at $3.10)

 I have added an additional 2100 shares of hrnetgroup at the price of $0.60 which I think is a good price to add on more. Hopefully hrnetgroup will be able to rise again to it's ipo pricr, while collecting dividends of around 4.8%

Ascendas Reit, nothing much on this, it steadily going up and I am glad to have a positive capital gain on this. I will just put it in cold storage mainly to collect dividends than capital gain.

Fu Yu, my hero of the year, got 4 digit unrealize gain from Fu Yu, without the adding of dividends collected. DBS and RHB gave a TP price of $0.35 and $0.29 respectively together with UOB Kay Hian given the TP of $0.295.

Personally I felt that Fu Yu is a good company to hold and collect dividend as it's fundamental is quite good (strong cash flow with no debt)

Hopefully this year Fu Yu can work it way up for it revenue and profit, hopefully we can see Fu Yu at $1 range again?

So with that said, my current portfolio now is around $12.9k. not too shabby but still got a lot of room to growth. Hopefully this year I can hit minimum $20k in my shares portfolio or can hit $25k is a bonus.

So let's see how it goes!