Friday, January 30, 2015

Unable to reach my first month target of $120

Hi Everyone!

As today is the last day of January, I will do a consolidation of my aims and target in this post. 

For the OCBC 360, I have met all the target for getting 3.05% interest for the month of January. Thus, I will be receiving my interest probably on the 10th of Feb (Since they would require 7 working days to process). I am quite happy with the results for this and able to achieve the maximum interest rate also gives me satisfaction :)

Next stop is stocks, as you have seen in my previous blog posts, I have post my latest portfolio and also my expected dividends for this year. I am quite happy with the return of at least 3.4% for this year. Certainly, I am expecting more to come as I invest more. 

However, due to the late investment and late action, I am unable to hit the target of having $120 of passive income for this month. It is truly sad that I only got $21++ but nonetheless, next month I will be able to achieve this target and probably even more!

So do check out my blog post in the month of Feb as I will share with you my progress and some tips that you can work on to earn extra vouchers!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Updates on my portfolio

Hi Everyone,

I have a major update in my portfolio. If you happen to see my latest portfolio on my right, you can see that I am currently holding 36 lots of Sheng Siong shares. This is my biggest share (in terms of lots) but in terms of percentage in portfolio, ST Engineering is still leading.

So, why am I buying Sheng Siong shares? The reason is because of their expansion and their break through of 72 cents barrier. I have average up to 73 cents per share, although this might be a huge risk for me but I believe with the exposure in overseas as well as moving forward to e-commerce (as Sheng Siong is gearing up to e-commerce area), they will do better and achieve a better standing as they have did before. 

Now I am looking forward for them to break the 74 cents barrier and move forward to the very best and hit 80 cents if possible (maybe I am setting the goal too high). Of course, I will be holding this for a long term basis, as I am the dividend warrior as you can see my portfolio, there are a lot of REITs in it. 

Next update is the raise of Sembcorp Industries, it had break the $4.40 barrier and continue to move up and hopefully by next week it can break the $4.60 barrier to reach a better heights! Due to the cost of this share I am unable to purchase much. With the growth of this rate, I would probably sell Sembcrop Industries if it is unable to hit $5 mark at the end of February. If it hits, I will probably hold it for a long term basis.  

ST Engineering is quite a disappointment but nonetheless I will be keeping ST Engineering for a long term basis. Break through the $3.40 barrier! Well, no pressure on this :)

As for my REITs, I will let it stay in my portfolio for dividends until I see the time to remove them from my portfolio. Currently, I am looking at Keppel DC REITs and SoilBuild Business Space REITs. Because these two are relatively new and I believe in their potential to grow (well I might be wrong) but let's see how it goes!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tentative Dividend Schedule + Dividends

Hi Everyone,

I have posted my portfolio which I am satisfied about (in case if anyone did not see my portfolio, it's located at the right hand side of the blog and I also posted about it at this link January Portfolio).

So now, as a new investor aiming for good dividends, I am more concentrate on when can I get my dividends rather than aiming for capital gains (of course, I don't mind having capital gain as well).

So in today's topic, I will list down all the dividend dates from all my counters/shares that I have bought (just a rough estimate)

*Do note that, current I do not have the dividend information on Keppel DC because it is a new REITs.

My dates will be starting on February since I started trading in the mid of January, so February will be my office start of my own financial year 

February - SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9.51), Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($13.75)
March - AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($13.85)
April - ST Engineering ($120)
May - SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9.372), First REITs ($13.93), Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($14.40), Sembcorp Industry ($85), Sheng Siong ($8.4)
June - Cambridge Industrial Trust ($8.757), AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($12.55)
July - Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($11.98)
August - ST Engineering ($40), SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9), First REITs ($14), Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($3.13), Sheng Siong ($9)
September - Cambridge Industrial Trust ($8.757), AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($12.75), Sembcorp Industry ($25)
October - SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9.276)
November - Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($13.925)
December -Cambridge Industrial Trust ($8.75), AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($13.85)
January - 

Because I have missed First REITs and Cambridge Industrial Trust previous dividend, thus, I will not include it in.

So the estimated total amount that I will get till the end of the year (December), will be around $331.827, which gives me a total dividend yield of 3.2987%. Well, not bad for a start and as I have mention I didnt include the last quarter of First REITs and Cambridge Industrial Trust, also not included Keppel DC REITs. So the total dividend yield is definitely higher than this amount. 

So let's see in the end of the year, whether my dividend yield will increase :D

Monday, January 26, 2015

Just a quick update - Facebook and Instagram down!

Hi Everyone!

Just doing an quick update. Facebook and Instagram is down right now! Please read the full article here

Added 3 more counters for January

Hi Everyone!

I have added 3 more counters into my portfolio, which makes up to a total of 9 counters which have a mixture of blue chips, REITs and supermarket. I greatest emphasis is on blue chip because I am aiming for a long term portfolio which will help me to generates income through dividend and hopefully, capital growth. 

This is my current portfolio:

I am quite happy with my current portfolio and I do not wish to add on any further until the end of CNY period, or in any case if I see when there is a sharp fall, I might need to re-adjust my portfolio. 

I will do another post again on Saturday to finalize my portfolio for Jan 2015!

Sheng Siong and Valuetronics

Hi Everyone!

Today I have been eyeing on these two counters for the entire day for Valuetronics and the whole afternoon for Sheng Siong, but in the end, I didnt manage to get either of those which is quite sad for me. 

The stock price I am going into these two are: Sheng Siong: 70 cents and Valuetronics 36 cents. 

The price keep hanging right above my target price which makes me mad and when the stock market close, both of the counters drop down to my target price :(

So why do I look into these two counters/shares.

For Sheng Siong

For Sheng Siong, it is because of it's potential growth in e-commerce area and the possible growth in China which enables Sheng Siong to gain more profit in the future. However, these are just opportunity that Sheng Siong might go into, because I read from the article which I found on Google and I find this progress path is quite interesting for Sheng Siong. If Sheng Siong is able to pull off these areas, the potential of it's growth will be very big. Which also means that it will be good for me as an early investors to gain more dividend and increase in my capital price in the future :)

For Valuetronics

For Valuetronics, I come across this counter/share from the morning review report via POEMS and they suggest that this counter is a BUY call. When I come across this counter with the share price of 36.5 cents, I took a look into the company profile and some reviews that I can find on the internet. What I found are all positive reviews like with the 88% increase in profit in 2014, solid cash flow and possible growth in dividend. On top of that, the possible growth in capital price up to 60 cents++ per share! This really interest me to invest is huge lot but overall is a small amount as compared to purchasing counters like First REIT. For 500 units of First REITs, I can purchase like around a 1500 units of Valuetronics. Certainly, we cannot measure the value like this because First REITs afterall is a much more stable counter than Valuetronics and First REITs have a better growth (I believe) because of it's business nature and the sector that it is in (Healthcare).

So these are my two counters that I will be eyeing for tomorrow and if still didnt get it, then the day after.

Last note, M1 please drop your price to $3.68!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lose Weight and Win Vouchers!!! I got $5 NTUC Vouchers!

Hi Everyone!

Last month, I have start using an application called "Healthy Living" which is a trial app adopted @ One-North building. Do refer to this post if you want to know more about the application that I am talking about:

And I did it! In less than a month, I manage to earn myself a $5 NTUC Fairprice gift voucher. Below is the picture of proof that I have really won this voucher using the Healthy Living Application.

So, whats the requirement to win this voucher? The requirement is very easy, just open up the application and it will run at the back-end of your mobile system to track how long u have been walking or exercising. So how long do I need to exercise in order to get this reward? Since the requirement is 30 hearts (their currency is hearts) and each hearts requires an movement/exercise of 30 mins, so you will need to be active for 15 hours to get this voucher!

Well, 15 hours can seems to be a lot but we have to walk daily, like window shopping, take a walk after a meal, walk to work/school and many many more. Just bring your mobile phone along and make sure that the app is running as a back end services, it will be an easy feat!

For me, I took quite sometime to earn this reward but is quite fulfilling to get this reward when I hit the target. So my next and final target is to obtain another $5 dollar voucher for next month as this event will last till the end of Feb. Of course there is another way of earning hearts, which is by joining the activity held by HPB, personally, I did not join their activity because of the time as I have to accompany my girlfriend and family, so I only concentrate on walking to earn those hearts in order to achieve my target!

So, for those who wants to earn at least a $5 NTUC voucher, do download the apps and read the instruction carefully and start your walking activity now!

Good luck! Oh, before I forget, if you sign up for this app, you can receive a towel for free and a sure win lucky draw when you get 10 hearts. So join now if possible and if you are working at one-north, you must join! :)

Consolidated Stocks and Company Report

Hi Everyone,

Today is a brand new day of the week, fresh week for those who are waiting for Keppel Corp's result on the share price. There are many speculation on the possible of the share price to go up and go down. Well, we will know the result today, in actual fact is just less than a few hours time. I am looking forward to it as I believe that Keppel Corp will have a higher price than it's previous closing price. 

The reason why I think that is because of it acquisition which helps to boost their business area and the possible income for the company. This is why I see this as an opportunity rather than a liability. Well, this is just my views on this, we will see whether I am correct in my own personal analysis.

Of course, the reason for this post is not to discuss about Keppel Corp but to share a nice website which has all the stocks and company report from various sources. It is good for users who do not have access to this information like me because we didnt sign up for all the brokerage in Singapore to get all these reports. 

However, do note that this website updates when the market close on that day, so you can do a After Action Review (AAR) to see the trend and invest it on the very next day. In order to get the first hand news, it will be best to read on these information through your brokerage that you have sign up with. 

I hope this week will be a down trend week in order for me to enter into some of the blue chips if not, I will have to wait till the CNY period before investing again

Friday, January 23, 2015

MySurvey Reward!

Hi Everyone!

Today is a surprise day for me because I got my reward from doing online survey!!! Although the reward is small, but I just spend like less than a month for this reward!

The reward is a $10 CapitaMall voucher! Good right? I never expect it to come so fast as there are many reviews on this website call saying that the voucher will arrive like one or two months. But I got it! I got picture got talk.

This is not a scam or not my scheme to trying to use referral method to earn point, the main reason why I post this is because I want to share a good lobang/opportunity with my readers. If you are still suspicious of the link that I have posted above, you can go google search for this website or just key in the URL on your own. 

So do try this out, I am also currently trying out other survey website to see whether they can deliver their promise to us, the people who do the survey for them. I will label this as one of my passive/side income. $10 boost to my target :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Investment on First REIT and Fraser Centerpoint Trust

Hi Everyone!

I believe that I did not post on the reason why I have invested in First REITs and Fraser Centerpoint Trust. I shall do that on this post for the reason why I invested in these two shares. 

For First REITs, due to it's nature of business, which deals with nursing home and is in a medical sector, I believe that it will grow in the future as the medical industry is improving, the average age of the population will increase (especially in country like Singapore). Thus, there will be a requirement/needs of having nursing home to cater to these needs. Also First REITs also had properties in Indonesia and Korea as well. It would seems to be quite a good coverage and together with the business nature, First REIT would be a best bet for me to keep as a defensive stock.

For Fraser Centerpoint Trust, I invest on it because I am a frequent shopper in both North Point and Causeway Point. Also they have one more new building at Changi City Point which is quite nice and the occupancy rate is good! Same as Causeway point and North point. Thus, I believe in this share will grow like CapitaMall Trust. 

Lucky, I bought Fraser Centerpoint Trust break the $2 point and I purchase it at $1.99, which is I think quite a good purchase (Certainly, I should have bought it earlier but I was too focus on Soilbuild and Keppel DC on the day before)

Building Up My Investment Related Link Section

Hi Everyone!

Currently I am consolidating all the useful blogs that I have come across into a single section called, Investment related links which I personally find it useful not just for myself, but for my readers to use this links as reference if they want to find out more about opinions or information about the stocks/companies that we are currently watching.

Therefore, I decided to put up this section which will be a helpful section for all the investors, especially the newbie investors like me, we will be able to find information that we need to get started. 

There is one more thing that I wish to put forward is that, if any investment blogger or people who read this post has any links that you want to provide, do write it down in this blog's comment so that I can put the link on this blog.

Well, getting to know more investors' blog is better than fighting a lone battle with no one by your side assisting you right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 2015 Portfolio

Hi Everyone!

This is my personal investment portfolio for the month of January, and I will be expecting dividends to come in on February (hope so) because Soilbuild Business Space REITs had release the year end report yesterday and was please to see the dividend per share is 0.0158 (if I remember correctly). So tentatively, I will receive $9.51 for this shares. As the year end report is for the year 2014, I was hoping for this REITs to achieve better or maybe a bit worse due to some minor obstacle like lawsuit with JTC and the increase in interest rate.

Lucky for this REITs, most of it's major leases have been extended which is quite a good new for the company as well as for me, who is the new stakeholder that joined in not long ago :)

I have missed the CD for First REITs and Cambridge Capital Trust, so I have to wait for the result for the first quarter or the next dividend release date for 2015.

Fraser Centerpoint will be tomorrow and AIMSAMP Capital Trust will be on the 29th ! YAY

Invested in AIMSAMP Capital and Cambridge Industrial Trust

Hi Everyone,

I have invested in these two industrial REITs which is mainly focusing in Singapore. 

7 lots for Cambridge Industrial Trust and 5 lots of AIMSAMP Capital REITs. Well, it seems like I am moving towards on focusing on REITs and my last REITs that I am aiming is First REITs because of it future growth that I am interested in (Healthcare!). 

I will get this REITs either by today or tomorrow and it's no rush because I am waiting to get down a bit more before making my purchase. 

Of course many people will ask me to avoid REITs due to the upcoming increase in interest rate but I still believe that based on their portfolio, these REITs will still be able to do well, if not maintain a bit stable (I presume). 

Because the market is unpredictable, thus, I do not really focus too much on a single stock, which is why I only purchase a small amount on each REITs to test water to see which REITs will do well for this year 2015.

Personally, I believe that First REITs and SoilBuild will do well, of course the rest of the other three REITs will do okay as well. After purchasing First REITs, telco will be next as Singapore telco already caught my attention in purchasing them :)

Do note that my updated shares will be listed at the right column of this blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Invested in Keppel DC REITs

Hi Everyone,

This is my second day of investment! Today I bought 5 lots of Keppel DC REITs just for a test but I do strongly believe that this shares will do well because of it's nature - Data Centers. Why I believe that is because of the recent boom of internet business and many tradition business are moving to the internet business. Of course they also have cloud computing hub which really interest me because cloud computing is growing and I believe they will do well in this area. Finally, I am using my engineering guts instinct to bet on this shares and believe it will continue to prosper for a few years time and maybe even longer than I expected :D

This are the properties that Keppel DC REITs has at the moment

  • S25 and T25 in Singapore - Southeast Asia's data centre hub; 
  • Gore Hill Data Centre in Sydney, Australia - a main data centre hub in Australia
  • iseek Data Centre in Brisbane, Australia - a key data centre hub in Australia
  • Basis Bay Data Centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia - multimedia internet super corridor in Malaysia; 
  • GV7 Data Centre in London, the United Kingdom - Europe's data centre hub; 
  • Almere Data Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with proximity to major European trading hubs; and 
  • Citadel 100 Data Centre in Dublin, Ireland - Europe's cloud computing hub.

Oh yea, I bought 5 lots (500 shares) for Keppel DC REITs - under a dollar per share, well since I bought some of Soilbuild Business Space yesterday and my focus is always on Blue Chips but the blue chips that I am aiming is still a bit too expensive to purchase, so well wait for a while longer.

More information about Keppel DC REITs from Motley Fools

Singaporean Grew 112K to 1 million in 7 years!!!

Hi Everyone!

I just came across an interesting article which talks about a lady who started invest SGD$112k and through the investment, currently she have the net worth of SGD$1.6 million with the passive income of more than SGD$59,000!!! WOW!!

That is really really amazing to see with just 7 years she can hit this target, it really surprise not just me but everyone!!! With that amount of passive income, she can really retire from her job and live a simple and a relax life. (Well, I believe she got savings in her bank as well :))

But the result is truly amazing, this will be my goal before 40 years old, I must reach this level of passive income! Which means that I have around 13 years to go and I have 6 years of advantage over the lady in the article. Certainly, I have to work hard and invest smart in order to achieve the goal in a faster pace.  

Hope I can become a dividend knight or even king hahaha.... well I am really far from that :(

Monday, January 19, 2015

Risky move to invest in REITs in 2015!

Hi Everyone!

Today, I had just started my virgin investment in one of the REITs in Singapore. The REITs is call SoilBuild Business Space REITs. Well it might be a bad call for me to invest REITs at this moment and also there are debts due in 2015 for this REITs, however I believe that this REITs will grow because it start listed in 2013, which is quite new and there are certainly room for improvement, secondly is because of the nature of business as it shifted to business industry for it's properties like DBS, A*Star and etc. All these big companies are renting space from this REITs. 

On top of that, the maturity of the leasing contract had been renew in 2014, so is safe to say that it will continue to have occupancy rate as high as 99% to 100% for some buildings. Also, I take a look at the Singapore environment whereby there are more and more MNC coming to Singapore to setup their company/branch in Singapore. This certainly opens a new door to this REITs. 

Of course, in 2015, the REITs will be facing the rise of the interest rate and also the debts due ($95m), well have to see how SoilBuild Business Space REITs handles this situation. In any case I purchase 6 lots for it which cause $0.785 per share so is less than $500 for testing out this new REITs.

Currently, I am waiting for the share price of telco company to go down in order to purchase as the new scheme being rolled out, there are many investors rush in to purchase blue chips stock which cause the share price to go up a bit. So probably I will have to wait for next week or the end of the month before purchasing all those stock that I have listed in this blog :D

One thing that attract me to this company is the building that they are holding or renting are quite nice :D

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Top 5 Stock I will be Investing (Final)

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow will be the very first day that I will be stepping into the world of investment and the path towards making my money work.Certainly I am truly excited and ready (I have been preparing for two months in understanding how stock market works, what are the things to look out for and also what is my objectives are for both short term and long term).

Certainly, my only objectives is long term investment which is why I am looking at only the blue chips. Of course, not every blue chips have spur my interest because there are still uncertainty about some blue chips in terms of stability. 

I have made some rational decision and some general background understanding on which blue chips are the best to invest (especially for a newbie like me). Understanding the background of the company isn't easy, thus, I am using my own understanding with the help of the people on the internet especially on the forum in Hardware Zone - Stock and Indices Section. They are really a helpful bunch of people who constantly answer my doubts and question that I have raise upon in the forum.

Back to the main topic, as I have mention about the few blue chips that I am focusing on is based on my own judgement, their nature of business (that plays a part in Singapore) and also the most important thing is the growth and dividends!! (that's where all the money comes in). Certainly, I am not so concern about the capital loss or growth in the company that I have invested because I am a long term investor, I will mainly focus on the possible growth and the stability of the company itself. Which is important to me to understand the dividends instead. I understand that many experience investors might not agree with my thinking because capital growth is also an essential part in getting returns/yields. 

For me, since I am just starting, it is important for me to grow my capital trough dividends which don't really require me to constantly read up on articles as I have my full time job to handle as well.

Okay, with my long winded post, so I shall reveal my top 5 where my first 6.5k investment will go into.
Here we go!
  1. Singtel - 4.388% Dividend Yield
  2. Starhub - 4.878% Dividend Yield
  3. SIA Engineering - 5.7971% Dividend Yield
  4. ST Engineering - 4.7761% Dividend Yield
  5. Nikko AM STI ETF - 1.3881% Dividend Yield (won't be investing yet for this first round)

So, lets do a calculation on my investment and my possible return in 2015. Do note that from tomorrow (19/1/2015) onward, the standard lot size will drop from 1000 to 100. 

Singtel with a price of $3.89 - 4 lots ( $1556)
Starhub with a price of $4.10 - 4 lots ($1640)
SIA Engineering with a price of $4.14 - 4 lots($1656)
ST Engineering with a price of $3.35 - 4 lots($1340)
Nikko AM STI EFT with a price of $3.35 - not for now

With the total investment of $6,192 + commission ($10 each) $40 = $6,192 + $40 = $6,232

So, lets take an estimated draft on how much I will make (excluding capital gain/loss)

Feb - 
Mar - 
Apr - (Starhub) $20
May - (ST Engg) $48, (Starhub) $20 
Jun - 
Jul - 
Aug - (Singtel) $40, (Starhub) $20, (SIA Engineering) $72
Sep - (ST Engg) $16
Oct - 
Nov - (Starhub) $20, (SIA Engineering) $24
Dec - 
Jan - (Singtel) $27.20

With this, I will gain a total of around $307.20 of return with a dividend yield of 4.9%, which is nearly 5%. Depending on the dividend paid date and other information to take into account, I will actively invest in these four blue chips plus adding in more companies to stabilize my portfolio.

So why not make it a full round off of 10k, well, the reserve funds of 3.5k will be KIV for the investment in few months time.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tracking of Dividend

Hi Everyone!

I maybe wols(slow), but I have come across this website which list down all the past dividend in the past few years for all Singapore companies or should I say company listed on SGX. This is the link to the website

Not only it provide the dividend payout date and the dividend amount, it also help to calculate the dividend yield based on the current price, so it is updated everyday or every hour (not very sure). Therefore check out this website if you are a dividend knight, you really need to check this out!

Of course there are other website that you can lookout for such information. However, I find the information in this website is enough for me as my aim is to gain dividend from my investment without losing too much on my initial capital. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Personal Portfolio

Hi Everyone!

Today I shall share my overall portfolio in terms of percentage whereby it will split into different areas in order to earn passive income. Passive income can come from different sources, the sources that I am looking for (if you remember my 2015 new year resolution), it will be mainly on stock investment and bank interest (OCBC 360).

I am a low risk person and on top of that I hope to achieve my target of $1440 (in terms of passive income) in 2015. Although in the month of January, I wont be earning any more passive income as I have yet to invest in any stock and my next interest for OCBC 360 will be in February.

Well, with $1300++ to go, it might seems to be a challenge, but I will not give up on this target and will continue to move forward to achieve it:)

So now about my personal portfolio, I would need to split into a safer distribution with the intention of maximizing my OCBC interest and also start on my investment journey in the brand new year of 2015!

80% funds or $50,000 (if I am able to reach this amount) will still resides in OCBC 360 in order to maximize the interest rate for it. 15% of my current funds will be going to blue chips and the remaining 5% of my funds will go to Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF. 

The main reason for doing that is to earn as much passive income as possible without any risk. The most risky portion out of the above 3 options, is probably investing in blue chips. Although investing in blue chips is quite safe (depending on what stock you purchase), but for me the risk level is still there as compare to the other two (not saying that the other two have no risk, but slightly lower risk than blue chips).

So, you might think, what is the first blue chip that I will be purchasing (is it the same as what I have mention earlier)? Well, that you will have to check out my next post because things change as you learn more. My account will be ready either by today or tomorrow. So do check it out :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Receive Interest from OCBC 360 account!

Hi Everyone!

On the 12th of Jan, I have received my first interest from OCBC 360 of $6.31. Well, it is a small amount because I started my account in the middle of December, thus, and the amount I have in the bank wasn't that much. On top of that, I only satisfy only one of the criteria which gives me a total of 1.05% interest rate p.a.

Despite this small amount, I am still quite happy with it because $6.31 is better than the normal interest rate of less than a dollar going by the standard interest rate (for saving account). So my January passive account, I can foresee that it will be only $6.31. Although it is under my expectation but I overlook the matter of fact that it will be pro-rated.

After doing some calculation, I still have $1434.69 to go for my ultimate goal for this year and hope that this year will be a good year for me to reach my goal! My trading account will be done in a few days time, so by that time, I will start my path for investment. This year, I hope to achieve a normal portfolio which enables me to have at least 4.5% dividend yield with the aim of $10,000 of initial capital.

I hope that I can get my performance bonus (in Feb/Mar/Apr) and red packet money (in Feb) which will enable me to use partial of this money for investment to build up my portfolio which will eventually drive my dividend yield to a new height! 

Do check out my very first portfolio either this week or next week!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Understanding REITs

Hi Everyone!

REITs has one of the highest dividend yield as compare to other stocks which is favorable to dividend warrior like me. However, not all REITs have high dividend because it all depend on the risk that each REITs hold. 

Certainly, there are lots of REITs to look out for and I have come across a website about REITs and this enables me to understand the characteristics of REITs. The website that I have come across is Understand REITs

Do take a look at the website and read more about REITs characteristics, however, you can not solely depending on the information on this website to do your decision as there are other factors that you need to take into consideration.

Five Key Dates Every Shareholder Should Know

Hi Everyone!

I have come across a video as a preparation and also understanding on how the dividend works, especially on the date on Ex-Div, payment date and etc.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Preparation for the Battle

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I am currently gearing up myself for the world of trading in this coming mid January. I have already sign up for trading account (waiting for my account to be approved for both POEMs - run by PhillipCaptial and CIMB trading account). I probably have to wait till next week, 15th or 16th of Jan, if not I will need to wait till 19th Jan to get my account activated :(

Well while waiting for the account to be created, research are necessary to see which stock I am interested in. Yesterday was a green green day where almost all the stocks that I am watching (all on blue chips and Singapore REITs). I was mainly focus on CapitaMall Trust keep rising till $2.08 per share (Hope it drops a bit - because I can see CapitaMall Trust Potential). Also, I am now focusing on a REITs call MapleTree Industrial Trust. The reason I am focusing on that is because of it's business nature (focusing on Industrial in Singapore).  

Well my top five picks have changed a bit from the previous post, the following are my picks for 2015:
  1. CaptiaMall Trust 
  2. MapleTree Industrial Trust
  3. Frasers Centrepoint Trust 
  4. ST Enginner
  5. MapleTree Logistic Trust

I vet my thoughts with this website call to see the trend and the fundamental of reading and understanding the company performance. Not sure whether it is good but at least I got all the basic information that I wanted. Do check it out!

Good Day everyone! Happy Trading!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Red Red Red!!!

Hi Everyone!

If you have notice, nearly all the stocks today (Singapore Stock) turn RED! Although there is not much different (most of the blue chips drop less than 5%) but seeing all red can be seen as a opportunity for investors. Well certainly, it is not really a good sign but if we take a look at another angle it can be a good opportunity to buy in new stocks! This will drive down your average price per stock which will increase your dividend yield. 

So do not be sad if the stock that you are holding fell, but use this chance to purchase a bit more to see whether it will drop in a huge margin. As for those who are holding into shares which is related to oil, do be careful because oil price is decreasing like mad. So you will have to do your own study and make your own decision on what to do with your stock. 

For investors investing in blue chips, it is important to understand the business nature as well as the probability of it affected by the decrease in oil price. Certainly, those stable stock (Singtel, M1, DBS, CapitaMall Trust, ST Engineer) their stock price will drop but they will eventually recover (that's what I believe). Even if it does not recover, or stabilize in a cheaper price, for me I would  purchase it to average out your price and increase your dividend yield instead. (This is just the technique that I will use, although you might have paper loss but you will have higher dividend yield - balancing out I guess)

So better take note of your own stock these few days and do some homework to determine your next step.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Straits Time Index Highest Dividend Yield

Hi Everyone!

As a long term investors or in other words people who aims to collect dividend through investment, should understand which stock has a better dividend yield. 

Certainly, the aim of mine is to have a dividend yield of at least 4% and above. The reason is because is my own starting point and I hope to be able to achieve this goal in order to achieve the goal I have set myself for this year of having $1440 of passive income (for this year, the main passive income will be coming from OCBC 360).

So let's say I have invested $10000, my dividend that I will be getting will be $400. It will be certainly great for my first year portfolio. Of course, this is just a rough estimate, I will invest more if I have more savings. My aim is to get at least $700 from dividend this year.

There is an article mentioning about the highest dividend in the Straits Time Index - Top Dividend Yield in 2015. Do check this website out as a reference, but there are some blue chips that you might want to look into. 


Friday, January 2, 2015

Saving Challenge - 52 Weeks Money Challenge

Hi Everyone!

I believe you have come across this before - the 52 weeks money challenge! Well, for those people who are up to this challenge, do it! the end result you will get is the amount of near to $1400 (or just add in $22 when you receive your year end bonus) in your bank!

Well, just to add on, save this money in the bank and you will see a bit more money in your bank!

Do take up this challenge!

Good Luck!


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Which Stock to Purchase?

Hi Everyone!

*Note: This is not a suggestion post or whatsoever, is just my personal portfolio that I will be heading as I am a newbie and not a professional financial adviser. 

As the 19th of Jan draws nearer, the decision making of which stock to buy must be made ASAP. This is indeed a tough choice for me as there are tons of blue chips that I wish to purchase in order to get good dividends. I will invest in blue chips for my investment plan as it has lower risk (doesn't mean no risk!). 

Personally, I have draft out some plan for investment, but I will be looking at companies with high dividends. Many would say it is not sufficient to look at dividends and I agree, there is one other point that I will be looking at is the sustainability (whether the company will sustain even if the market crash). These are the two points that I will be looking at. 

I do not really care about the capital gain/loss in the first two years unless there is a news reporting that the company is at risk in failing, then I will sell away the stocks from that company. If not, I will keep them as long term investment.

So you must be wondering what is the duration of my long term investment? Well for me, I will do a review (if no serious impact happen to the company that I have invested) every 5 years to ensure that all the stocks are in the healthy range. 

Everyone has their own assessment criteria for their own portfolio, I have mine too. However, as a newbie in investment, I will have to rely on the the two factors that I mention above. 

So, here comes the million dollar question, which stock will I pick out of all the blue chip stocks in Singapore?

1) Starhub or Singtel or M1 (Second to Invest)

So why this stock? As I have mentioned before, I am looking at sustainability. Telco are one of them as with out them, how can Singapore live? Thus, the chances of them turning into ashes is practically impossible, if not Singapore will not be able to function

2) SembCorp Industries (Third to Invest)

Also, this is one of the necessity for Singapore where it function to dispose wastage for Singapore, so without it, Singapore will not be able to function

3) Capitamall Trust and Frasers Centrepoint Trust (First to Invest)

Shopping malls are everywhere in Singapore. Understand that there is an increase in online shopping but without shopping centers, it will be a boring country to live in!

After reading through, you might be thinking why not DBS bank? For me is because the required capital is quite high DBS - $20.45 per share if bought one lot, it will cost $2045. Unless the dividends is really good if not I wont go in (if want to go in, probably go ii in April since their dividend is in May and August)

New Year Resolution for Money Money Money

Hi Everyone!

Today is the first day of the year 2015! It's awesome and hope everyone enjoy their countdown (be it alone, with friends, with family or love ones)

Everyone have their own new year resolution, I have mine too! The resolution that I am going to share here is all about money money and money, nothing else hahaha.

So these are the list of my year 2015 resolution

  1. Earn my first passive/side income of $1440 as I have mentioned in the side of my blog
    • OCBC 360 interest - $120+ per month (Hope the promotion can last at least 6 months) with the interest rate of 3.05% per year
    • CIMB Saving account - 0.8% per year (This account will be open on February) which I expect to earn  $3.33 per month with the deposit of $5000
    • Invest in Nikko AM, CapitalMall Trust, Frasers Centrepoint Trust and Singtel/Starhub to collect dividend around $50 to $100 for this year (with the investment of around $2000)
    • Some surveys, insinc, and other activities to gain vouchers and rewards
  2. Invest in insurance for wealth plus health - mainly on NTUC income (start on Feb)
  3. Fixed Deposit in OCBC to gain 1.3% p.a. with the amount of $10,000 (right after the OCBC 360 promotion ends
Well, these are my resolution and the ways that I will achieve it. I will constantly update my blog with what I have done together with the results so that the reader will get to know my progress. For my first year, my investment capital is rather low because I am new, however, depending on situation, I might increase my investment capital from $2000 to $10000.