Saturday, July 28, 2018

From hero to zero but hero will rise again

Hello everyone!

From hero to zero, three years ago I started my saving journey for my wedding and purchasing my very first property and today I have accomplished these goals that I have set for myself. I am really happy living together with my Wife (but not ready for hold Ren yet as we are working towards our financial goal first before having our first kid)

You might be wondering why hero to zero? The reason is very simple, previously I have set my 150k goal which has the sole purpose of purchasing my first property and for my wedding. Now, all these are accomplished so it will also mean that my saving have gone down from high to nearly nothing. Yes, you might say that it is too risky to deplete all your savings just to purchase property, should have waited for one year or so before purchasing so that you will have some emergency fund. Truly agree, but I still go ahead and purchase since I want to have my own nest and also children in the near future, so decided to purchase it

So now I am Low level hero, what now? In life there is no shortcut, so deal with it, start from scratch, both my cpf and my cash savings are similar to fresh grad (maybe I win them through my SA account and MA account).

Because I have a shared account with my Wife and most of my savings is there however this is an individual goal that I laid for myself, I shall exclude the shared account and only focus on mine personal 私房钱, and share some of my goal by end of this year, 3 years later and 5 years later.

It been 5 months and my own personal saving/ investment has hit $7,000. Most of my cash is in shares and is in pool of red except for one so by the end of this year, I target myself to save at least $12,000 in shares and $2,000 cash. Not sure if I can hit the target but if possible I shall go for it (why set a lower target with no challenge right)

How about 3 years later? If the saving trend is stable, I shall hit $36,000 in shares and $6,000 in savings but no, shall go for a bit higher, $42,000 in shares and $8,000 saving. With $42,000 and yearly returns of dividends of 5.5%, I should be able to reinvest another $2,000.

How about 5 years later? If everything is stable, should be able to hit $60,000 in shares and $10,000 in cash. That's too little for a target, I shall aim for $80,000 shares and $10,000 cash. This will give me a rough return of investment per year of around $5,000. I won't touch the dividends portion for personal use, only for re-investment. Because that's the way for me to grow my passive income in a shortest way. With this plan, by 40 years old (10 years from now) I should be able to hit at least $180,000 in shares alone. Which gives me the yearly return of around $9,900 per year. But of course, stock market isn't simple math, there are ups and down so constantly have to re-adjust my portfolio if required.

Do you have the same goal as me? Or don't have goal yet? Can leave a comment below if wish to do the same monitoring and see if we can compete with each other to see who can reach our goal earlier. Winning or losing doesn't matter, the most important thing for this proposal of tracking each other is to motivate oneself to Ensure that you don't derail from your own goal. Is a health competition.

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Savings and Expenses Tracking

Hi everyone, it seems that my savings website is currently down due to unknown reason. Could be because it is a free platform and they decided to take it down Since the human traffic isn't that much. Well is okay, I am looking at some other expenses tracking Apps which can do the same job and if found, I will post the Apps information here and will do the same thing as what I have done previously (taking the screenshot of my updates and post it here)

If you follow my post, you should know that I have recently bought a condo and spend a Sum of money on renovation. So now basically my savings is equal to those who just start working without much savings. But well that was 4 months ago but now I have slowly build my own saving and turn back to stock market to invest in dividends shares. At the end of this month I will provide a update on my progress and do keep a look out at my goals page to see if I am able to hit any of the goal by the end of this year.

Thanks for reading!