Saturday, May 27, 2017

Reached my goal but something happened!!

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I post any new post on my blog. The reason is because of my packed schedule (work and family) which drains out all my energy for updating any post in this blog. Certainly I will try my best to squeeze out time for this blog and share my savings and investing experience with my readers.

Recently, I have hitted my savings target of 160k!! But that result doesn't stay Long as I have invested in some small business (a joint venture with my wife and we do really hope that it work out)

So now I am down to around 98% and hopefully I still have enough money for my condo down payment. This is certainly a risky bet for us because with the small venture that we start it might be a lose lose situation whereby our business didn't work out well and we can't go for the the condo that we are working towards on.

Of course we also look at the win win situation where both work well. But we are banging on the situation on at least one of the aspects work well so that the lost won't be that huge.

Just a short update from me and soon I will update more if the condo release more information. Hopefully it is within our budget( finger cross)!!