Friday, November 23, 2018

Personal portfolio update

Hi everyone,

Yes I am rather inactive in my blog as I am seeking for a new job and job hunting is really tough. Am I jobless? Certainly not. I am still working at my current company just that I am seeking for a change in environment and industry to proof my experience to be relavent and at the same time to expose myself into different environment for valuable experience.

Okay! Back to the topic. My personal portfolio, yes I do mention in my previous post that I am starting from 0 and now I have near to $7,500 in my portfolio. Well it's not much but I am still growing. So below is my humble portfolio

Singtel - 700 shares (dividend - blue Chip)
Netlink Trust - 1000 shares (dividend)
ESR reit - 6100 shares ( dividend)
Geo Enegry Res - 7000 shares (growth)

Total value:$7400

Expected dividend yield for next year would be around 6% so
Expected dividend for next year would be around $440 per year for next year 2019. Though is just a small amount but I am working hard at it to push it further to at least $500 dividend next year with my bonus coming in. Shall see how it goes and see if I can reach my target for this coming year

See you guys next time!


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  2. The Sensex, meanwhile, hit 36,000 during the day’s trade, rising over 530 points.


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