Saturday, April 1, 2017

Beginning of 2nd Quarter 2017!

Hi Everyone,

Today is the beginning of the 2nd quarter in 2017, and I have tabulated my financial report card to check to see what is my current progress.

I will report based my result in percentage (current savings / my financial target *100): 95%

95% of $160,000! This is indeed very near to my expected target! 5 more percent which is around $8,000 more to go!

I have given myself 3 more months to reach this goal as I am expecting to get to view the place that I wanted to buy in around June 2017! (Finally! The time has come for me to see if I can purchase my first property!)

However, in the month of April, I will be heading to Taiwan for a 6 days trip, guess I will be spending more this month (but I do really need this trip to relax myself)

So I left 3 months to hit this target and if I roughly do a calculation (8,000/3 = $2,670), I would need to save $2,670 per month in order to hit that target. I believe I can do it and I hope to achieve even more (maybe 1k or 2k more).

That's it for the review of my report card in the first day of April! See you guys in my next post!