Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feburary Portfolio Update

Hi Everyone,

The month of February is over, it's so fast that the second month of 2015 just fly pass in a blink of eye.

In the month of February, I have added DBS into my portfolio which gives me an addition of a bank stock into my portfolio.

On the month of February, I have receive my dividend from Soilbuild Business Space REITs and Fraser Centerpoint Trust.

The total amount of dividend that I have received on the month of Feb is SoilBuild Business Space REITs ($9.51) Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($13.75), with a total of $23.26. 

With that adding up to the interest received from OCBC and my side income from surveys, the total amount is $142.87!!

I have exceed the monthly target of $120! YAY!

Hope next month I can earn more passive income and hit $120 in March! Wish me luck :D

Friday, February 27, 2015

Survey Voucher Verified! - Toluna

Hi Everyone!

Previously, I have taken MySurvey which earns me a $10 NTUC voucher - MySurvey Reward!

At the same time, I also taken Toluna Survey which I took, also earns me a reward of $10 Dairy Farm Voucher!!!

Got Picture Got Talk :D

So I can safely say that Toluna is a trustworthy website which deliver their promise. 

This is the Toluna website - Do not worry, this is not a referral link as you can double check and triple check, If you think that this is a referral link, do a google search "Toluna". 

I am not promoting Toluna, I am here to share some trustworthy website which allows you to earn vouchers :D 

*Note: Do let me know if you want me to test out any survey website to test for their credibility. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Travelsmart ang pow

Hi Everyone!

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year and I sincerely wish everyone a happy chinese new year and for those (who live in Singapore) who didnt celebrate Chinese New Year, enjoy your long holiday!

If you happen to login to travesmart website and had an account with travelsmart (if you dont have, you should apply since it's free), you will receive an ang pow from travelsmart. This is gift from travelsmart as a celebration of Chinese New Year!

I won myself a 200 points from this ang pow and will try the spin wheel soon once I have time for this.

 Remember to logon to your account and receive this red packet!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hi Everyone!

Today is the brand new day, brand new year for everyone! It is a goat year and JYKL wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and Huat Ar! Everyone can achieve your own financial goal and get substantial returns in your investment if you are investing, good career or promotion if you are aiming for promotion and save more and huat more!

As this blog's aims to note down my journey in my investment portfolio, I also sincerely hope that everyone is in a good health, as health is the utmost important because without health, no matter how much money you have, it really doesn't matter. So wish everyone healthy in the brand new year, every year!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Zodiac Sign - Dragon

Hi Everyone!

Recently I went to walk around some shopping centers and I discover that there is a Chinese zodiac sign analyst at Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 Shopping Mall. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at the sign of dragon to understand what is the prediction for dragon. (Because I am born in the year of dragon - dragon baby!)

It's seems like this year is a good year for me to do some investment, however, I must start on the 19th of February because that is consider the year of 2015 for Chinese. Although I did start early, but it seems like my portfolio is doing quite average, so I hope after CNY period, all my shares will go up up up hahahaha.... and also invest more and earn more for this year :D

Dragon babies... huat ar!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Multiple sources of income

Hi Everyone!

I have just started in my investment in stocks where my objectives is to gain passive income via dividend. This is quite an interesting way to building up my income though passive income which is via investment. Certainly, there are multiple way to build our own source of income, through working, investment, part time job, doing business, doing survey and etc. All these options are opportunities to earn more income which will enables us to retire early or have a sum of money so that we can enjoy later in our life.

For me there are 4 ways of building my source of income.

First way: Salary through working.

This is the most common way to earn our own income. Certainly working or having a job and getting salary, will be my main source of income.

Second way: Getting interest from banks

Recently, I have sign up for OCBC 360 in order to gain up to 3.05% interest with 0 amount of risk. For me, although this might be a temporary source (Because I might not know when they are going to change or remove the scheme), however, it is essential to have a backup plan for this income source (well, it might be lower interest rate than this amount). 

Third way: Investment

Stocks is quite an high risk options for me because you might lose your capital if the market doesn't go into your way. However, it is essential to understand your own safety margin to understand how much you can lose before selling. Personally for me, I am a long term investor, thus, I do not really care about the daily growth and loss. The most important thing that I care about is the future growth and the stability of the company. Which is why I focus more on blue chips stock as most of my portfolio is betting on blue chips stock. Slowly getting dividends year by year is a good option for me as I just have to sit down and collect dividend and once a while purchase some stocks which deemed to be good. The current dividend yield that I have calculated is around 4% which is better than the bank interest rate. But also it is important to note that, no pay no gain - risk exist in such investment

Fourth way: Doing survey

I also take some of my free time to do some online surveys through MySurvey (which I just gotten my $10 vouchers last month) and other survey sites (will inform you when I confirm that the survey website deliver their promise).


Certainly, there are other ways you can open up your source of income, like property investment, open business and many more. However, do not engross with making money because you only live once and also take good care of your family member. Don't save it unnecessary that you neglect the people around you. Saving is good but spending the money on your loves ones are equally as important.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Hi Everyone,

During the previous post, I have post about understanding the market direction. For today's topic, it will be about candlesticks. I have heard a lot of people talking about reading candlestick as the gauge to understand whether is it a right time to go in or a right time to sell in order to gain profit/reduce loss.

Certainly, as a long term trader, it's no harm for me to understand a bit on candlestick to ensure that I am not purchasing as a unfavorable price in the market. Thus, I decided to check out on some video tutorial on candlesticks. On youtube, I have found one rather clear and concise video about how to read candlesticks for beginners. Certainly there are more to learn as it is no an easy feat to learn candlestick in just one video.

The below is the video that I have come across

Certainly, if you have come across any interesting video about candlestick do drop me a comment because I am curious to learn how to pick up this skill.

Thank You!:D

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Learn about market direction

Hi Everyone!

As a newbie like me, we are still learning how to grasp the market movement to ensure that we understand the movement/trend of the market. There are a lot of learning materials that we can obtain to understand these terms. I have found a very nice video on Youtube which provide a clear explanation on how to read the market trend. 

The video are as follows:
Part 1

Part 2

Not sure whether this is a good video to start with but I do understand some technical terms on reading market movement/trends

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Averaging Down... Can you handle it?

Hi Everyone!

I came across an interesting concept on the ability for oneself to averaging down on the share that you are currently holding. I saw it at hardware zone - share, stock and indices section of this forum. I saw a certain forum-er who show an interesting graph. The graph below show the attitude a investors/trader when it comes to trading.

I certainly take this graph into consideration when it comes to averaging down some of my shares. It certainly an interesting lesson that one trader must understand. But for me, I am a longer term investor rather than trader, thus, I only look into low risk and stable blue chips company that I have confidence in and invest in it to see it grow (or sometimes fall). Afterall, I am building my own empire :D

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review on my Portfolio - Building my own empire

Hi Everyone!

As an new investor, I am still unable to get use to the fact of seeing red in my share prices that I own. However, looking at the bright side, I am actually the owner (shareholder) of a local bank - DBS, Utilities - Sembcorp, engineering company - ST Engineering, Shopping Malls - Fraser Centerpoint Trust, Chain Super Market - Sheng Siong, industrial property owner - Aims Amp Industrial REITS and Cambridge Insutrial Trust, Healthcare related property - First REITs, Data Centers - Keppel DC REITs and commercial building - Soilbuild Business Space REITs.

Awesome isn't it. I am lacking of Telco company, transport and beverage companies which will give me a full exposure of all the sectors building my own company JYKL company :D That's cool! Just like a game, building your own buildings, business and etc. That's was awesome!

Not sure whether anyone think this way but it's cool if you look at it this way :) So how I earn money? Dividend + capital gain. My eye will be more focus on Sheng Siong, Soilbuild Business REITs and Keppel DC REITs. These three are basically my baby, because they are growing and still have potential to grow. Wonder how these three share will grow in the future.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Breakthrough for Sheng Siong and ST Engineering!

Hi Everyone!

Today is quite a green day for me (in my portfolio) because of the rise of all my blue chips and Sheng Siong shares. 

Firstly on DBS review, it went back up to $19.72 in the late morning to early afternoon and it drop back down to $19.60. Although it still quite low but I am happy that it raise a bit despite yesterday downfall. If this trend keeps going like this, it would mean that the price range for DBS is around the price between $19.56 to $19.72. (Just hope that tomorrow will be a good one also)

Secondly, Sembcorp Industries, this share always hike up in the early morning to mid afternoon around 3pm to 4pm, then when it comes to 5pm, it will jump back down to $4.3x range. It had been happening for a few days already. I was thinking if someone is playing contra with the stock which enables them to buy at low and sell at high in the early morning. (well just guessing!)

Thirdly, Sheng Siong, if finally close with a new height of 74.5 cents! yay! Hope it will go on further and further with the expansion of new outlets and new territory (China!) If all these are successful, I can see a hike in the share price which will hit to a dollar per share.(Just my personal view, dont take it too seriously) 

Fourthly, ST Engineering, a sleeping giant finally awake! This giant finally took a step forward and make it's mark to $3.45! Small but stable increment as compared to Sembcorp Industries. I would like to see how this blue chip going to grow to it's former glory of making up to $4 or $5 (can't remember)

Lastly, my updates on my REITs, today the REITs that I am holding, mostly all went down. Well just a bit but AIMS AMP Cap Industrial went down a lot same goes to Keppel DC REITs. Well, I will juts leave my REITs alone and collect dividends from these REITs which is my long term plan for all my REITs.

One more thing, Singtel, M1 and Starhub is still not coming back :( Come back leh....

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OCBC 360 Interest bonus credited into my account today!

Hi Everyone!

Not sure whether OCBC is very efficient or just because of a pure system error, I have my bonus credited into my account today! It was awesome! I got my bonus yay! 3.05% bonus is really a huge bonus for me especially when it has zero risk as compare to my stock investment.

Well, I gladly accept the early ang pow from OCBC and will use it wisely. That's awesome!

DBS Free Fall!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Today is quite a not that good day for me because of this event where DBS had a free fall today (dropping 18 cents/16 cents). 18 cents as compared to yesterday last close result and 16 cents is based on my entry price. This may be a test for my tolerance for capital loss in a single share which happen to many people (experience investor). So I was thinking how much can I take the loss? 1 dollar? 2 dollar? If really hit rock bottom, I would avg down the price for this share and will have higher dividend yield and I will hold it for donkey year until I earn back my capital. 

I hope I can gain my loss back from dividend from DBS to cancel my loss as the dividend for DBS (Based on last year) was 58 cents per share. So is still not too bad la, since I am holding it for a long term (unless the tide turns and it hit $201 and above then I will sell it away., if not this will be my counter for at least 5 years because it is not just stable but also strong!

I have do some research on the reason for this share to fall is because of the recent valuation of the currencies which led to US investors to dump away their DBS shares. This is just my observation because in the discussion in a forum with experience investor, they mention that Ang Mo bank is selling their DBS shares away. Despite that, there is a little bit rebound that I have observe when it jumps back to 19.6x then drop down to 19.5x again. Selling is certainly strong but nonetheless, I will not let this defeat me as DBS as I believe will be the core banking in Singapore! 

DBS Huat ar!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Got another blue chip..... DBS

Hi Everyone!

This is a brand new month and a brand new start for me to go forward on my investment path to achieve my goal of earning $1440 from passive income. Today, I have added DBS into my portfolio, which further diverse my portfolio into the banking industry. 

The reason why I purchase DBS is because I wanted to have a finance sector shares and the stability of this counter as well as recommended by various brokerage company like CIMB, OCBC, HSBC on purchasing this stock, this gives me determination to purchase DBS stock today (while it falls into a deep red ocean).

Depending on the fluctuation of this share, I will probably hold it for a year unless it hits the target price set by the brokerage, if not I will hold it to collect dividends. 

DBS Huat Ar!