Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lian Beng

Hi Everyone,

Just an minor update today, as I have just bought Lian Beng shares today, which I believe is quite a fair value as of now. I use some of the information that I can find on the internet which includes the basic information such as business background, low PE, good dividends, positive news, the high TP from brokerage (more than 60 cents) and their recent revenue looks good. Thus, I decided to give it a go to see how far this shares can go.

I will be holding this shares for mid term, instead of long term because I am still conservative in terms of holding construction related shares for long term. The reason is because it can be highly volatile as in the past there are many construction company went bankrupt due to many reasons. Thus, I still have my reservation on this sector. However, the positive news really has overwhelm me with faith that this share will raise which is why I bought it.

So what is your view on this share?

Monday, May 18, 2015

5 Months of Investment/Trading

Hi Everyone,

Today is my five monthsary of my investment and trading journey. I certainly experience a lot of stuff during these five months. Things like learning about company, most company which I don't really seen before like Soilbuild, Cambridge industrial and many more. I also have learn from other people in the internet (hardware zone) for knowledge in trading as well as getting tips from them. I have also experience my unrealized loss which really made me worry during my episode with DBS. When I saw my unrealized loss jump from $12 to $100++, I was really panic at that point of time and was deciding whether to sell off my DBS shares because my emotion took over my sense during that point of time. 

But I manage to endure it and eventually I earn my first profit from DBS with $180++. Although is small amount of profit, but I am still happy as this is my first profit trade that I have ever made. The slowly, I sold off Sheng Siong, ST Engineering, Semcorp Industry, First REITS and Fraser Centerpoint Trust with all getting good amount of profits. Then I have shifted my attention to OCBC, M1, CapitalCommercial Trust and Q&M. 

Out of these 4 new shares, I am quite worried about Q&M at first when I purchased it at 78.5cents. Because there are many people saying that the price is quite high and it is not worth it to go in at that price. I did my homework and also do some ground realization about Q&M growth in Singapore before I purchase this share. Although the result of this is good and I was pretty shocked about it as well. 

Of course, nothing is perfect, I am still sitting on three red zones (unrealized loss) which are M1, OCBC and CapitalCommercial Trust. But these are not capital gain shares as I will be keeping them for dividends for at least 5 years. (Unless I need the money urgently hahaha)

For newbies like me, I felt that when we start off in investment/trading, it is better to invest /trade something that you familiar with rather than something that you do not know. These are the key points that I felt it is good to share with all newbies:

  1. Tips are good, but you will need to do your own research before jumping in.
  2. Go for steady blue chips if you are looking for long term investment. (At least if got bull, also wont die until that jia lat)
  3. Understand the company background (business nature, future growth, news and etc.)
  4. Learn the fundamental of investment/trading (dividends, types of period, and etc.)
  5. Don't gamble, invest or trade within your limits. (VERY IMPORTANT)
Number 5 is super important, the reason because got burned is because they exceed their limit when do trading aka playing contra/shorting. If you are not sure what is contra/shorting, do read up a bit but better don't do it (Especially for newbie). I understand that profits is tempting, but still invest/trade within your limits.

Ok that's all for my 5 months experience. Enjoy investing/trading!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Q & M

Hi Everyone,

Today, I just saw an article about Q&M spend $203 million to purchase 8 clinic in Singapore. 

From the article

The first group of acquisition targets comprise Orchard Scotts Dental and the De Pacific Dental Group of clinics located at Ang Mo Kio, Balestier, Jurong West and Pasir Ris.
Q&M will pay $12.5 million for these clinics.
It will fork out $3.8 million for Tiong Bahru Dental Surgery and Bright Smile Dental Surgery.
Another acquisition target is Aesthetics Dental Surgery, located in Park Mall, for which it will pay $4 million.

In the view of this article, I can say that Q&M is pretty aggressive in monopolizing this market in Singapore. Of course, as an investor, I certainly feel good about it because the more market share they gain, the shareholder will get benefit more :D

So what are your views?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Portfolio in April 2015 and Updates

Hi Everyone,

I have sold some and buy some shares in the month of April which causes my unrealized gain to drop to 1.4% which is a bit sad by seeing the number drop. However, it is still a good news as I still have gains in my portfolio. I didn't include my dividends for the month in April yet (XD period) because I will only count when they are in my bank account. (Prefer to count it that way :D)

So tentatively, my earning is a bit more than what you can see on the portfolio above. 

So my actions in the month of April are:

Buy: M1, CapitaCommercial Trust and Q&M
Sell: First REIT, Sembcorp Industries and Fraser Centerpoint Trust

Due to my selling of shares with profit, it brings my passive/side/profit income raise to $455.25 for this month. (including profits from DBS)

Quite happy for the result for this month :D But May will be a tough period as there is a saying of sell in May and go away. Hope this don't create much impact but a good opportunity for me to buy in more.