Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Changes in Portfolio

Hi Everyone,

Today I have made some transaction in my portfolio.

I have sold these shares

1) Sembcorp Industry @ $4.57 (with dividend of $0.11)
2) First Reits @ $1.44
3) Fraser Centerpoint Trust @ $2.10

The reason why I sold these three is because I want to redirect my focus to other shares which will give me long term investment and growth.  No hard feeling for these stocks.

I have bought 2 new stocks, please welcome them

1) Q&M - Growth Stock @ $0.785
2) CapitaCommercial Trust @ $1.695

I have added another 900 units of M1 today as well.

So in total I have 10 brand new stocks in my portfolio and I will only maintain 10 at one go.


  1. Hi James,

    Good luck in achieving your 100k goal! I believe you can do it!
    Yup , a warm welcome Q&M and Capital Commercial Trust, hehe.
    I believe they are good addition to your growth portfolio in the long run ! :)

    1. Hi,

      Thank you :) Hope everything will grow well :)

    2. But you dont have these two stocks right?

  2. Hi James

    But the yield for Q&M and M1 and CCT are lower right? Are you aiming for growth instead?

    1. M1 and CCT dividend yield is quite high but for M1, I missed the earlier dividend so have to wait for next year in order to gain the full 5% dividend. CCT is around 5% as well. So these two can be good for long term. As for Q & M, is more of a growth shares, but I believe the dividend yield will grow in the future, if not I will treat this as a trading stock