Saturday, April 4, 2015

Is Great Financial Crisis aka bear bear coming?

Hi everyone,

I have been hearing people talking about Great Financial Crisis in short GFC is coming. Well, some of the people say GFC won't be coming in the next few years but as a newbie in investing stock, I really do not have any idea whether or not GFC will be coming now or later. For what I know, GFC will come sooner or later but as for when, I am not sure. 

As I am still learning how to become a better stock investor/trader, I am still holding back my funds for stock investment. Which is why I spending less than 40% of my available funds for investment. I hope to hold back some funds so when GFC comes, I can truly activate my funds to purchase more blue chips stock which mainly includes Telco like Singtel, Bank like DBS and Retails REITs like CapitaMall Trust. For Singtel and CMT, I will be keeping for long term whereas DBS, I hope to buy low sell high so that I can gain profit out of it. 

Well not sure whether this will work because either I will be waiting for a GFC which will only come 5 or 10 years later, or will come very very soon. But as a conservative investor/trader, I will still keep the current ratio of 60% - Cash and 40% - investment so that the risk will be minimal. 

For my current shares, I will be purely waiting for dividends and these are the shares that I will be keeping for long term unless I see if there is a need for me to sell it away.

So how about you? Do you think GFC will be coming soon?


  1. I see you have a fair bit of Sheng Siong :)

    1. HI E H,

      Yea I have quite a few of Sheng Siong shares. But the capital for Sheng Siong is quite little as compared to ST, OCBC and Sembcrop despite the large quantity.

      You have Sheng Siong shares as well?