Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Green Green

Hi Everyone!

It's mid week already and when I and all of you (those who invest in Singapore shares) might find that the STI hits over 3500! That is really awesome! My portfolio are green which means all my shares are earning capital gains already. I am really happy with the results although I am just a small investor and just a newbie, the positive results is quite a good start. Of course, I believe is because of luck whereby the uptrend is here and not because I am good in trading/investing because I knew that I am not. 

The below picture is my portfolio (From DrWealth): 

Unlike other big investors or experience trader, I still believe in playing safe for now because I still prefer to have 70% cash in my pocket for now until I am really confident in my investment method. (As you can see, the shares that I have is very little as compared to you guys) I believe that everyone will huat and hope more to come! Dividends is coming so I am waiting for it! May is the important period where my dividends comes into my bank account :D But DrWealth keeps the ex-div date and I believe is because after ex-div date, the dividend is certainly yours to grasp even though you sell it.

So huat ar!

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