Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dividends Collected Up to Date

Hi Everyone,

As a dividend collector, I have collected some tiny amount of dividends for February and March. But first, I would like to update my current portfolio.

As you can see, I have sold DBS which I have previously mentioned in my previous post and purchase OCBC also mentioned in my previous post. Do check it out if you want to find out more about it. 

Dividends Collected:

February: $23.26
March: $14.15

Total Dividends Collected for 2015: $37.41
Dividends Per month: $3.1175

Well, although this is quite a small amount but the major hits will be coming in April (which is this month), May and June. Since I place a small emphasis on REITs which is why the current dividends collected is quite a small amount. 

But nonetheless, the progress is still there and I hope I will do better on next year February and March :D


  1. Hi James~

    Wow we have the same background design! good to see your making some money out of the investments :D Keep it up!!! im also aiming for 100k target!


  2. Hi jfree!

    Every 3 months I will change the design of my blog to make it more refreshing hahaha. Seems like we have the same target and hope we can reached our target within the next three years!