Monday, January 26, 2015

Sheng Siong and Valuetronics

Hi Everyone!

Today I have been eyeing on these two counters for the entire day for Valuetronics and the whole afternoon for Sheng Siong, but in the end, I didnt manage to get either of those which is quite sad for me. 

The stock price I am going into these two are: Sheng Siong: 70 cents and Valuetronics 36 cents. 

The price keep hanging right above my target price which makes me mad and when the stock market close, both of the counters drop down to my target price :(

So why do I look into these two counters/shares.

For Sheng Siong

For Sheng Siong, it is because of it's potential growth in e-commerce area and the possible growth in China which enables Sheng Siong to gain more profit in the future. However, these are just opportunity that Sheng Siong might go into, because I read from the article which I found on Google and I find this progress path is quite interesting for Sheng Siong. If Sheng Siong is able to pull off these areas, the potential of it's growth will be very big. Which also means that it will be good for me as an early investors to gain more dividend and increase in my capital price in the future :)

For Valuetronics

For Valuetronics, I come across this counter/share from the morning review report via POEMS and they suggest that this counter is a BUY call. When I come across this counter with the share price of 36.5 cents, I took a look into the company profile and some reviews that I can find on the internet. What I found are all positive reviews like with the 88% increase in profit in 2014, solid cash flow and possible growth in dividend. On top of that, the possible growth in capital price up to 60 cents++ per share! This really interest me to invest is huge lot but overall is a small amount as compared to purchasing counters like First REIT. For 500 units of First REITs, I can purchase like around a 1500 units of Valuetronics. Certainly, we cannot measure the value like this because First REITs afterall is a much more stable counter than Valuetronics and First REITs have a better growth (I believe) because of it's business nature and the sector that it is in (Healthcare).

So these are my two counters that I will be eyeing for tomorrow and if still didnt get it, then the day after.

Last note, M1 please drop your price to $3.68!!!


  1. Hi James

    You shouldn't look at the number of units you can buy with your invested amount but more on how you think the company is going to perform over the next few years.

    1. Hi B,

      Certainly, the reason I pointed that out is because I want to emphasis the low cost of the share price which enables me to purchase more knowing that it will have a positive grow based on the data that I have found on the web.

      Because I have limited amount of cash, thus, this is just to justify the number of lots I will be purchasing. For example I know the First REITs I know about it's potential growth, but due to the lack of capital, I am unable to invest too much on it.

      Thank you for the comment