Friday, May 1, 2015

Portfolio in April 2015 and Updates

Hi Everyone,

I have sold some and buy some shares in the month of April which causes my unrealized gain to drop to 1.4% which is a bit sad by seeing the number drop. However, it is still a good news as I still have gains in my portfolio. I didn't include my dividends for the month in April yet (XD period) because I will only count when they are in my bank account. (Prefer to count it that way :D)

So tentatively, my earning is a bit more than what you can see on the portfolio above. 

So my actions in the month of April are:

Buy: M1, CapitaCommercial Trust and Q&M
Sell: First REIT, Sembcorp Industries and Fraser Centerpoint Trust

Due to my selling of shares with profit, it brings my passive/side/profit income raise to $455.25 for this month. (including profits from DBS)

Quite happy for the result for this month :D But May will be a tough period as there is a saying of sell in May and go away. Hope this don't create much impact but a good opportunity for me to buy in more.

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