Friday, October 9, 2015

SGX dividend is in! Raise my year end goal!

Hi Everyone!

SGX dividend is in today! For those who have bought SGX shares before 30 Sep 2015, you should have receive it today! Of course, the share price raise and jump to $7.5++, that's awesome! I am waiting for the October/November dividend :)

So now to the main part of this post, previously I have mention that I will try to hit $68K by the end of this year, if you can remember (if not is okay). I will be increasing my year end target from $68K to $70K.

Although is a $2K jump from the previous target, I think hitting 70% of my ultimate target this year when I turn 27 years old will be a good goal. Certainly I would hope that I can save more, but I will set 70% for now.

So my target by the end of 2015 is have $70,000 cash + stocks (Excluding CPF).


  1. Congrats. Keep it up. Keep on reinvesting.

  2. Congrats! It is good to have a new target to work towards.

  3. Thanks guys, will keep growing my passive income. Hope next year would be better