Friday, December 26, 2014

OCBC 360 - Credit Card Saving Tips

Hi everyone!

I have come across some question about spending $400 in order to achieve the 1% interest via OCBC 360 promotion. 

Definitely, some people might have concern about spending $400 because some people might have problem with spending this amount on credit cards. However, there is a way to minimize the cost for this criteria, which can be as low as $100 or even earn some money out of it!

The secret way is to pay for your friends! Lets say, when you go out for dinner with a bunch of friends, you can pay the bill with your credit cards and depending on the promotion, you may get discount from the restaurants and you can get your friends to pay the original price or the discounted price (depending on what you want, certainly I would let them pay the promotion price instead without including the 0.5% rebate). With this, you will be able to collect cash from them and reach the $400 in no time! Looking at the bigger picture, you can get 0.5% rebate from the amount you spend on your credit card on that month!

Of course, I am using that scenarios with Frank Card, if you use OCBC 365 card, you will be able to get more rebates when you hit the criteria. OCBC 365 Credit Card

So the main tips is to pay the bill first then collect the money from your friends! That's the main tips for cutting down the cost of having credit cards.

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