Friday, December 26, 2014

Saving - Saving Tips for Newbies

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OCBC - World's Strongest Bank

Once again I am back on the second post in a single day!

Today's topic will be on Savings! Understanding that people tend to save their money in their banks which is a commodity for everyone from anywhere around the world. It is a basic platform for every person to have (well not all people).

In Singapore there is a promotion, an ongoing promotion, which has rolled out by OCBC, with their OCBC 360 which comes with an attractive interest rate of 3.05% (Max interest rate) per year! This is definitely an attractive "promotion" for OCBC 360.

Here how OCBC 360 works, you will be given the basic interest rate of 0.05%, which is the standard rate given by other banks. So how do we get the other 3%?

The answer is: you have to earn it! So how do we earn it?

1) you have to credit your salary into your OCBC 360 account, via GIRO to earn 1%
2) Pay 3 bills through OCBC internet banking or GIRO to earn another 1%
3) Lastly, you will need to spend at least $400 on OCBC credit card to earn the final 1%

These are the criteria to earn the interest and one more thing to note is that the maximum cap for the 3.05% interest is $50,000. However, you must take note of the word "promotion", which means that OCBC can end this promotion anytime! So before they take away the promotion

Many people have question about what type of credit card to apply in order to achieve the third criteria, in my personal opinion, you have to read the type of promotion, rebate and affordability for each card before making the decision. 

For me, I have chosen Frank Card as my credit card, because of the rebate on online shopping/payment and also 0.5% rebate on other purchase in physical outlets.

So, this promotion is the best for everyone and also is the best for people who are currently not investing as this serves as a good promotion for putting your money in banks!

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