Monday, December 29, 2014

Turtle Investment - Passive Income in Investing Shopping Mall

Hi Everyone,

I have come across this website call Turtle Investor, where one of the article it mention about investing only $800+ for the shopping malls with the estimated returns of $29 (More than 3%!). Well, it is a rough estimation for new investors to take not of it. 

Of course, new investors like us can choose other companies with better dividends like Starhub, SPH or other stocks which you will have to do research by yourself in order to know more about it.

This article is based on the new scheme of 1 lots = 100 units/shares. So you will required to wait till 19th Jan 2015 for the new scheme to roll out. 

For my POV: I will invest in SPH, Starhub and Keppel. (Tentatively - Blue Chips) 

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