Saturday, February 14, 2015

Multiple sources of income

Hi Everyone!

I have just started in my investment in stocks where my objectives is to gain passive income via dividend. This is quite an interesting way to building up my income though passive income which is via investment. Certainly, there are multiple way to build our own source of income, through working, investment, part time job, doing business, doing survey and etc. All these options are opportunities to earn more income which will enables us to retire early or have a sum of money so that we can enjoy later in our life.

For me there are 4 ways of building my source of income.

First way: Salary through working.

This is the most common way to earn our own income. Certainly working or having a job and getting salary, will be my main source of income.

Second way: Getting interest from banks

Recently, I have sign up for OCBC 360 in order to gain up to 3.05% interest with 0 amount of risk. For me, although this might be a temporary source (Because I might not know when they are going to change or remove the scheme), however, it is essential to have a backup plan for this income source (well, it might be lower interest rate than this amount). 

Third way: Investment

Stocks is quite an high risk options for me because you might lose your capital if the market doesn't go into your way. However, it is essential to understand your own safety margin to understand how much you can lose before selling. Personally for me, I am a long term investor, thus, I do not really care about the daily growth and loss. The most important thing that I care about is the future growth and the stability of the company. Which is why I focus more on blue chips stock as most of my portfolio is betting on blue chips stock. Slowly getting dividends year by year is a good option for me as I just have to sit down and collect dividend and once a while purchase some stocks which deemed to be good. The current dividend yield that I have calculated is around 4% which is better than the bank interest rate. But also it is important to note that, no pay no gain - risk exist in such investment

Fourth way: Doing survey

I also take some of my free time to do some online surveys through MySurvey (which I just gotten my $10 vouchers last month) and other survey sites (will inform you when I confirm that the survey website deliver their promise).


Certainly, there are other ways you can open up your source of income, like property investment, open business and many more. However, do not engross with making money because you only live once and also take good care of your family member. Don't save it unnecessary that you neglect the people around you. Saving is good but spending the money on your loves ones are equally as important.


  1. wow nice to see those different incomes going into your pocket!!

    im also interested in doing the surveys in spare times. please update us :D


    1. MySurvey is a good platform, although quite slow but will deliver their promise. I am currently waiting for another one to see if they deliver their promise