Monday, February 16, 2015

Zodiac Sign - Dragon

Hi Everyone!

Recently I went to walk around some shopping centers and I discover that there is a Chinese zodiac sign analyst at Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 Shopping Mall. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at the sign of dragon to understand what is the prediction for dragon. (Because I am born in the year of dragon - dragon baby!)

It's seems like this year is a good year for me to do some investment, however, I must start on the 19th of February because that is consider the year of 2015 for Chinese. Although I did start early, but it seems like my portfolio is doing quite average, so I hope after CNY period, all my shares will go up up up hahahaha.... and also invest more and earn more for this year :D

Dragon babies... huat ar!

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