Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DBS Free Fall!!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Today is quite a not that good day for me because of this event where DBS had a free fall today (dropping 18 cents/16 cents). 18 cents as compared to yesterday last close result and 16 cents is based on my entry price. This may be a test for my tolerance for capital loss in a single share which happen to many people (experience investor). So I was thinking how much can I take the loss? 1 dollar? 2 dollar? If really hit rock bottom, I would avg down the price for this share and will have higher dividend yield and I will hold it for donkey year until I earn back my capital. 

I hope I can gain my loss back from dividend from DBS to cancel my loss as the dividend for DBS (Based on last year) was 58 cents per share. So is still not too bad la, since I am holding it for a long term (unless the tide turns and it hit $201 and above then I will sell it away., if not this will be my counter for at least 5 years because it is not just stable but also strong!

I have do some research on the reason for this share to fall is because of the recent valuation of the currencies which led to US investors to dump away their DBS shares. This is just my observation because in the discussion in a forum with experience investor, they mention that Ang Mo bank is selling their DBS shares away. Despite that, there is a little bit rebound that I have observe when it jumps back to 19.6x then drop down to 19.5x again. Selling is certainly strong but nonetheless, I will not let this defeat me as DBS as I believe will be the core banking in Singapore! 

DBS Huat ar!


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    1. First time as in? My first time encounter this problem? or Am I an new investor? Yes to both question :D

  2. I would expect all the three local banks to perform well over the next few years with their conservative banking policies in the context of increasing interest rates. Good long term investment indeed!