Saturday, February 28, 2015

Feburary Portfolio Update

Hi Everyone,

The month of February is over, it's so fast that the second month of 2015 just fly pass in a blink of eye.

In the month of February, I have added DBS into my portfolio which gives me an addition of a bank stock into my portfolio.

On the month of February, I have receive my dividend from Soilbuild Business Space REITs and Fraser Centerpoint Trust.

The total amount of dividend that I have received on the month of Feb is SoilBuild Business Space REITs ($9.51) Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($13.75), with a total of $23.26. 

With that adding up to the interest received from OCBC and my side income from surveys, the total amount is $142.87!!

I have exceed the monthly target of $120! YAY!

Hope next month I can earn more passive income and hit $120 in March! Wish me luck :D


  1. Hi, i just chanced upon your blog. Good job on starting your dividend investment this year. (I haven even started officially on dividends yet...)

    1. you going for capital gain? Capital gain is good, because you can earn more with capital growth. For me, because due to my lack of knowledge in stock market, blue chips + REITs for their dividends will be a best move for me :D