Friday, April 3, 2015

6% GST Implemented in Malaysia

Hi Everyone,

This morning, as today is a public holiday, my girlfriend and I decided to go for a short trip to Malaysia - Johor Bahru to eat, watch movie and shop for my new working shoe. As expected, there are lots of people going to Malaysia which I believe is because of the long weekend and most people decided to go to Malaysia for a short trip to relax their mind, well some people might be going back to their home to visit their family members.

So long story short, when my girlfriend and I reached Malaysia, our first destination we headed to eat fish head curry for our lunch (Jin Long Curry Fish Head, quite nice). However, my girlfriend notice the price difference as compared to the last time that we go there to eat. Not just that, but all the stuff in Malaysia had increased their price because of GST 6%. 

Although I have heard it on the news that Malaysia had implemented 6% GST on the starting of April, but having to experience GST in Malaysia is really a first time for me. However, this will not stop my girlfriend and I from going to Malaysia to shop, eat and watch movie because we still like to eat curry fish head and Zhi Bao Chicken in Malaysia hahaha.

At the same time, I saw some posters in City Square Mall to educate the citizens on how to calculate the 6% GST, which I think is quite good because this is the first time that Malaysia is implementing this. Thus, I believe educating the citizens is necessary as this will be a long term policy.

I do not have views about the implementation of 6% GST or whatsoever, I am just a normal people going to Malaysia to shop, eat and watch movie :D

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