Tuesday, April 7, 2015

DrWealth Review

Hi Everyone,

Last month, I have discover a portfolio management website called DrWealth, which I have wrote about http://jyklmoneyblog.blogspot.sg/2015/03/drwealth.html. I mention that I will do a review on DrWealth website based on my experience on using it. 

After using it for around 20 days, I find that this website is quite good as it helps you to track your own investment, your cash and also recommend you on your portfolio health. Well I am not sure whether about the recommendation because they did not take into consideration of my OCBC 360 interest. But nonetheless, I still like it interface, although you will need some time to picked it up but overall the user experience is quite alright. 

On top of that, they also provide weekly report on your performance, if I remember it correctly, it should be every Tuesday/Wednesday. The report will show you your overall performance and indicate which stocks is your major player (in terms on getting profits)

I did not tried it on the mobile simply because I seldom go to the website to look at my portfolio unless I have done a transaction in shares whereby I will go and update my portfolio in DrWealth website.

There are certainly lots of functions that an experience portfolio master will be able to use, as for me, I only go for a simple and straight forward functions which is to keep track on my investment (in shares) and my current assets (Cash).

So overall, this website is quite good but as for advance functionality, I not sure about it as I seldom use. Oh yea, one more thing, they also provide useful articles in savings and investment, so if you are interested, do take a look :D


  1. Hi,

    For DrWealth, shouldn't liquid asset to net worth ratio include stocks since they're liquid paper asset?

    1. Hi Rokawa,

      I think they have different idea on liquid assets, for me I wont consider shares as liquid assets because of the nature of investment unless you are talking about trading which also not as liquid as cash because it will need to take about T+4 days before the money gets into your bank account.

      So from this, in my perspective, it is not a liquid assets because liquid assets means you can get the cash out anytime, like today I need $500, I can only get it from bank rather than to cash out from my stocks which will take like another 4 days to reach my pocket.

      Hope you get what I mean.

  2. And I failed my liquidity ratio aka emergency fund.
    Seems like it did not take account of monthly (or average mthly) dividends or rental income to offset the monthly expenses.
    Though by normal standards I always fail my emergency funds haha. Up to a minimum bank acct balance many times. but my cashflow is healthy.

    1. Hi Rokawa,

      Yea they didn't take into account for dividends or rental income, I think you will have to key it in by yourself. As long as you have good cashflow, that would be fine. But still, it is important to have some cash in your bank account for emergency purposes.