Saturday, April 25, 2015

Drop and Rise in my unrealized gain (Update on my portfolio)

Hi Everyone,

Last week is indeed a tough week for my portfolio because they is a slight drop in some of my counters, especially Sembcorp Industry and OCBC. Before the drop, my Sembcorp Industries has the unrealized gain of over 12% but now it had drop to 7% unrealized gain. Well, I gotten the dividend for this counter, so still not so bad. I will be looking forward at the performance of this counter on Monday to see whether should I add in more for short term trade. 

OCBC is another counter which drops but for this counter, I am still positive in its performance in whatever direction it goes. If it goes southward, I will accumulate more because now I only have 300 units for this shares and the dividend is 3%++ so it is still not very bad. 

However, despite the drop, there are also gain in my other counters like FCT, STE and Sheng Siong. These three counter really grow and Shen Siong and STE had unrealized gain of more than 10%! Which is good, especially for Sheng Siong as I am looking forward to it's growth in May. 

I also added M1 into my portfolio :D

The below is my updated portfolio: (My growth)


  1. hi James, nice reading your blog. I am also investing to have a target as well. It's important to have a goal in mind, so we have the motivation and drive to achieve it.

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    1. Hi Eye of storm,

      Yea sure, lets linked up :D

  2. Thanks James!

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    Thanks for the answer in my blog. 3 responses so far. Will announce the winner this Thursday. Stay tuned! :)