Saturday, April 4, 2015

Portfolio Template from Investment Moat

Hi Everyone,

Just today, I have started using the portfolio tracker from investment moat. Although I have heard of this portfolio template/tracker few months ago even before I started investing, however, due to the fact that the functions and the usability is quite unfamiliar to me (mainly because of my lack of knowledge in stocks) which deters me from using this portfolio done by Investment Moat. 

A few months later, which is today, I decided to use this template for my portfolio update for this blog as well as a spreadsheet to help me track my progress. After 15 mins of understanding how it works, I manage to did up my portfolio using this template done by Investment Moat. 

I am happy about the results and I believe that this is a good initiatives by Investment Moats to help us the investors (probably small/retail investors) to keep track our personal portfolio record. The below is my portfolio using the new template

As you can see from the above portfolio, it is much clearer about my progress as compared to my own personal spreadsheet that I have created by myself. It also keep track of the stocks I have sold and the dividends I have collected. This makes the entire process runs even smoother for me and good for me to keep track of my own personal record.

So, for those who have yet to have a portfolio tracker, do use this, it is quite a good one :D

You can get this portfolio at this link:

Just follow the tutorial and it will get you to what you need :D. 


  1. Hey James,

    Its nice that your using Kyith's portfolio spreadsheet it's really useful! omg see that full green portfolio i am so envious!

    1. Hi jfree,

      Yea, this seems to be a good portfolio spreadsheet for newbie like me to use. I believe now is the up trend for all shares bah, which is why all green