Saturday, June 11, 2016

Money vs Passion

Hi Everyone!

It has been a question about money or passion, which one will you go for? When young, most people will tend to go for passion over money. However, as they step into the adult world, their mindset slowly change from passion to money. This is most probably because either their passion is hard to achieve (e.g. pilot, not many people can become a pilot or lawyer, not all people who dream to become a lawyer can become one) or there are some people would want to focus on earning money for their family or for their own entertainment. (Excluding investment or whatsoever, I am talking about jobs)

Yesterday when I was having dinner with my friends and one of them brought up the topic of whether to change job due to the job nature getting boring and wants to go for his passion, however, he got his own concern about the salary might be affected negatively.

One of my friend mention that should go for passion, which is why he gave up his previous job to search for the job that he is passionate about. However, my stand is different from him as I am getting married soon, and money and stability is quite important so which is why I support on the money portion.

My conclusion
However, I can see that not many people going for the job that they are passionate about when I talk to other groups of friends, because from the way I see, most people hope to earn more money so that they can achieve financial freedom to do whatever they want. This is the indication that they don't really passionate on their job. Because if they are passionate, the won't be thinking about retirement before the retirement age, rather they will work until or exceed their retirement age. 

This is the conclusion that I have come up with, what about you? What do you think?

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  1. Yes, if you have passion, it can enables you to achieve better results. However, after chatting with my friends, most of us (including me) are aiming for better salary and stability rather than going for our passion. Especially myself because I am getting married (as mention), I will tend to be more conservative in exploring into unknown area