Monday, June 20, 2016

Special Discovery During the Trip Across The Border - (Part 1)

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend, my fiancee and I decided to go across the border to spend our Saturday in order to enjoy ourselves after our busy schedule during the weekdays. Of course, it was also our Monthsary hence we did a mini celebration there.

So, with that said, the place that we went to is none other than Malaysia (Johor Bahru), City Square. We went there frequently to shop, eat and watch movie (as well as wedding shoot). Many would say that things in JB is certainly cheaper than in Singapore, well this I have to agree. However, the things that I am going to share here are the things that wortg sharing.

Without further ado, I will start with my list of discoveries right now!

1. Kam Long Curry Fish Head


Kam Long Curry Fish head is one of the best curry fish head that I have ever ate, other than the affordable price for just around RM45 (for medium fish tail curry, as fish tail has more meat compared to fish head), so when we convert in to Singapore currency, it is just SGD$15, and this include drinks as well, the food is tasty!

When you go to the shop during the weekend, I can assure you that you will see people queuing up just to eat their curry fish head/tail!. The picture above is the curry fish tail that my fiancee and I went to eat whenever we go to JB. The curry is certainly delicious and the fish is soft and tender, coupled with the price, this is one of the thing that you should to try.

Address: GPS: 1.459398, 103.764758, 74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

2. Cheese Tart (Season)

Just last Saturday, my fiancee noticed that the bakery shop (Season, in JB City Square), sells cheese tart. We were wondering if the taste will be the same as the one in Singapore ion (Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart), which is pretty famous in Singapore. There is always a long queue and one person can only purchase 12 cheese tarts at one time.

So we decided to try the cheese tart in Season, which cost RM3.50 per tart and 5 tarts for RM14. It is really cheaper than the one that is sold in Singapore ion ($3.50 each and $19.50 for 6). So if you do a calculation, the price is nearly triple of what it sold in Singapore. In other words, if you buy one cheese tart in Singapore, you can buy three in Malaysia!

So when we tried it, it tasted similar to what we ate in Singapore ion! (My fiancee is good at picking up the tasting quality of food, so I trust her view) Before we left JB, we purchased 2 boxes of tarts (one box for each of us, so that we can let our family have a taste of the cheese tart). If you happen to be in JB City Square, do try their Cheese tart. You can purchase one Cheese tart to try first before making the decision of whether to buy more for consumption, since one cheese tart only costs RM3.50 (No harm trying. Is quite cost saving as well if you have craving for Cheese Tart).

3. Uniqlo Winter Jacket

We have decided on our honeymoon trip to Korea, most probably in February 2017(next year). Hence, We would need to get ready for the winter (peak, which means very cold). I managed to get a Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket for just RM149, which is around $50 (In Singapore, it would probably cost $79.90). This is a rather good deal, but we have yet to test if the jacket can withstand the cold weather in Korea. The reason for such price is because of Father's Day discount. Thus, if you happen to pass by JB this weekend, maybe you can still get this cheap deal!

4. Acuvue Contact Lens - From OPPA Store

My fiancee wears contact lens on the weekends when going out with me. So every 2 months, she will need to buy a new box of contact lens. On last Saturday, my fiancee bought 4 box of Acuvue contact lens for RM440 (with 6 pair of contact lens for free). We did a search on the internet, we found that Singapore is selling at SGD$238 (which is around RM700). With the saving of around RM260 coupled with 6 pair of contact lens for free, it is really a good deal! Cost savings!

5. Movie Tickets

Cathay Cinema is the cinema in JB City Square, and the price of the ticket is quite cheap (RM36 for two tickets!), this will translate to SGD$12 for two weekend tickets. You probably can't get movie ticket with such a price in Singapore unless there is some promotion going on (Like M1 one for one promotion on Sunday - Shaw Cinema). So whenever there is a new movie, we always go to JB to watch, unless we were busy, then we will drop by Shaw on Sunday to watch movie instead since we are M1 users.

There is ONE more thing that you need to take note of

Do remember, when you purchase anything in JB City Square, do keep the receipt, because sometimes, it will have some events whereby if you spend more than certain amount (by showing them the receipt), you can redeem some reward from them.

One of the things that I got on last Saturday, it is a limited edition justic league mini cup.

Do share with me if you have any discoveries of cost savings ways without sacrificing the quality of the food and stuff. So do share with us by writing down in the comment below!

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