Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Lucky and The Unlucky

Hi Everyone,

Today is a random topic that I have come out with because I just lost 2 dollars to Singapore pool. I don't bet 4D/TOTO as frequent like every week once, I play 4D and TOTO (Also known as lottery) like few months once to test my luck. The reason why I bough 4D is because recently I receive an SMS that I was selected to receive 4 NDP tickets which I have never gotten before in my entire life (If we exclude primary 5 trip to NDP). 

Of course, with this I thought that my luck was there and decided to go down to Singapore pools to make a bet on the time where I receive the SMS, which is 4pm. So I decided to buy 1600, one big one small to see if I can win. 

I really thought my luck is here and I have the feeling of winning, however, later that night when I check the 4D results, I just crush the paper and throw it into the bin. 

Not sure whether I am lucky or unlucky because I have never ever won 4D or TOTO in my life. Are you the same as me whom didn't won any lottery ticket in your entire life?

However, I still happy because I get NDP preview ticket as a consolation price (even thought I prefer winning 4D over NDP tickets). Well, I guess there is times when I am lucky and times where I can get really unlucky. However, if you think about it, life is all about gambling. The choice we choose, the decision we made, all of them are dependent on luck itself.
Have you notice yourself that you are always gambling in your every day life?

Happy Birthday Singapore in advance! I am glad that I am able to attend the parade this year (even though is just preview), I am still happy to attend this grand event of the year!

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