Sunday, March 15, 2015

100K Target!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, just to be clear, I don't have 100K in both my investment and saving account (excluding CPF). The 100K target is my personal target that I hope to achieve before I hit 30 years old. Personally I believe I can do it but I hope to achieve this target earlier due to my commitment for stuff like purchasing HDB, wedding and etc. Thus, it is important for me to make my target clear so that I can move forward and work hard to achieve it :D

Understand that I have started work quite late and earn quite little as compare to my peers (friends who are around the same age as I am) due to their working experience and the degree that they are holding. Nonetheless, I strive myself to spend little and save more so that I can achieve that target that I have set for myself. 

I have added a target bar (at the right side of my blog) to make give myself a better idea on how well I did and this can further motivate me to achieve more.

I will constantly update my progress chart every month or once every two month to see how far I progress. Given with my goal, I am suppose to save $1.4K every month, by doing a simple math, 1.4K * 12 * 3 =  50.4k, which is an achievable target. But I will have to be very strict on myself in order to achieve that goal. 

I will work hard for it and hope everything goes well :D


  1. I personally believe you can achieve 100k before 30. You only need to set aside money for HDB renovation, an acceptable wedding budget and invest in profitable investments.

    1. The current concern is purchasing HDB flat. If you have read my previous post, I would need around 100k to 150k in order to purchase HDB flat. (not inclusive of renovation)

      I have set aside for wedding budget already so that is fine haha.

      If I follow my goals that I have set, I should be able to reach this target :D But future is unpredictable, so I need to be cautious in what I spend and invest