Tuesday, March 3, 2015

OCBC Interest for the month of February

Hi Everyone!

I have just received my OCBC 360 interest for the month of February. It is lower as compared to the month of January because I have invest some of my cash into stocks. So the current passive income that I have for the month of February is $82.13. I would need around $37.87 more to go in order to hit my target. Although it would be hard because my only passive income for this month is from AIMS AMP CAP Industrial Trust which gives me the dividend on $13.85. Well, it's just the beginning of March, so there might be something good happening (I hope) which gives me an additional $24.02 in order to hit my target. 

Well, if I am still unable to achieve my target, then I would need to wait for the month of April to cover for this month and the month of January. The reason is because April will be the dividend payment from ST Engineering in which will gives me $110 of dividends!!! Also, I expect my OCBC interest to hit around $90 which will gives me a total of $200!

I also looking forward to May as well, because I will receive over $140 of dividends and also June as well, because of the inclusion of DBS, my dividend will hit over $110! Slowly inching up to my goal of having passive income of $1440!

Huat ar!


  1. Wah Ocbc gives so big interest?

    I thought theres a cap of something like 50k for 1% in each category or somthing.

    1. Yup, 1% for salary, 1% for paying 3 bills and another 1% for credit card usage with a min of $400 spending. total 3% plus the base of 0.05% which gives a total of 3.05%. If you happen to max out the cap which is 50k, you will be able to get around $1525 per year. so in an estimation, you will be able to get $127 per month if only you max out your cap limit which is 50k.