Friday, March 20, 2015

Portfolio Slowly Increasing

Hi Everyone,

As I have just do a review on my current portfolio condition, which I have noted them in Google Spreadsheet, I realize that my unrealized loss has drop from -$400++(around there) to now -$43.1. You might be wondering why I have a huge loss in the beginning right? The reason is because I have take into consideration of the commission for both buying and selling (around $40 to $60 - because of Poems 100 lots promotion). So now when I take a look at my portfolio, I am glad that it had drop to 2 digits which is mainly contributed by DBS, with the recent rise from 19.xx range to now $20.xx range. Certainly, I am happy but as you know the market is unpredictable and I really do hope that everything will go well and will go up and up and up and hope DBS will reached my target price before I release this counter (I have plan to use the money for this counter to purchase other counter). 

But still nothing is for sure, as I expect to see DBS to continue raise until it reaches more than $21 (Hopefully it could) by end of this month. Let's see my prediction will come true hahaha.

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