Friday, March 20, 2015

CPF Information Website

Hi Everyone,

I have just come across a CPF website called Are You Ready! which is a CPF informational website introduce by CPF Board. Pretty interesting as the website stated all the necessary information that you will want to know from how the CPF contribution rates, managing house loan and etc. All information can be found in this website. 

Personally for me, I am interested to know more about CPF because I just started work and also working towards life goal of purchasing a HDB flat in near future. So reading up these information is certainly great for me. 

On top of that, it also have links for tools to calculate your CPF contribution by you and your employees and etc. However, those tools can be found on the main CPF website that you usually do check your CPF balance and etc.

It has links to related agencies websites like if you are checking for the HDB loans, they will have links and recommendation to bring to the specific page for more information.

I personally felt that the website is good in terms of rich information as well as easy navigation as compared to its main website. Usually government website are complex in their user interface due to the reason of huge amount of information that is presented on the website itself. Thus, having such website can allow users to know more about the necessary information that they required and with a simple and clean user interface, it will help the user to get their information easier.

Do check this website out @ now if you want to learn more about CPF

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