Monday, March 23, 2015

Which Telco to purchase?

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to get into tele-communication stocks which includes Singtel, M1 and Starhub. (Either one) At first, I was thinking of getting Singtel because it is the first telco company in Singapore and with strong backing by various shareholders, I feel pretty safe with this telco but the problem is the share price is quite high as of now. 

The second option is Starhub, the reason is because of its stable dividend payout each year and last but not least, M1, the reason for me to go for this share is basically because of its cheap share price.

The reason why I am thinking of this is because as the price of DBS keeps going up, I would cash it out for profits when it hit my target price. So I would have some cash for investment. Certainly, I can keep it in OCBC 360 to earn interest but that will determine whether I can make decision on which telco to focus on. 

So back to the topic, out of these 3 telco, I am currently looking at Starhub and M1. As Singtel, as I am the current user of Singtel but I dont see any positive outcome when it comes to customer service. I can see a lot of people are jumping from Singtel to other telco. I will do that too when I have complete my contract in June 2015. I am thinking of M1 because of the benefits for its customers (one for one movie ticket on every Sunday).

Maybe I will go with both Starhub and M1 but more focus on M1 because I will be M1 users and people around me are using M1 also. But still in Dilemma.... well, there will be a fw days for me to decide. (Hope I can make a decision by the time I sell DBS)

Well, what are your views on telco? (I understand that I did not even touch on fundamental and technical analysis because I am suck at it. I only go with my own observations and understanding of the company itself.)  

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