Monday, March 16, 2015


Hi Everyone,

As yesterday I have posted something on my target that I wanted to achieve before I hit the age of 30 years old (Before 23rd December 2018). The $100K target is excluding CPF because I wanted CPF to be my backup cash when it comes to purchasing HDB. Most likely I will use up all my CPF to purchase my first flat. 

Today I have came across an interesting website/web application which does this kind of tracking which is called Drwealth  which is a portfolio management website which enables individual to keep track of their own portfolio. 

I have started using it today after I saw someone posted something with regards to this website. I like the idea of having such portfolio management website as it can help me to track and how can I manage my portfolio efficiently. 

Although there is one thing that I do not like about which is there is no automation of adding monthly salary and CPF contribution, which means you have to key in manually every month. But I cannot say it is bad because after all this is a free portfolio management tools and for that I give a thumbs up for the function that are available in this web application.

So, for those without any portfolio management tools and seeking for one, why not try out this web application. 

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