Monday, March 30, 2015


Hi Everyone,

After a long period, I decided to go with OCBC Bank which I have bought 300 shares of it. OCBC shares, I will keep it for long term because it has over 3.05% dividend yield (3.3%). The reason why I bought OCBC is because I am currently using OCBC 360 and Frank credit card. So, in the sense that I am it's customers and I hope that OCBC will do well in the future, 

Although I bought at a quite expensive price, but since this is a long term investment, I will average down when necessary so that it will drive up my dividend yield. 

Now currently I have two banks shares (DBS and OCBC) which I am quite proud of because DBS is doing very well and will sell it soon if the time is ripe. The reason why I wanted to sell DBS is because of it's low dividend yield, I would, might as well put it in OCBC 360 or buy other shares with higher dividend yield, like OCBC, to earn my passive income. 

Of course, many people mention that bank shares are for capital gain, but for me, I am looking at both sides of the world. If both dividend yield and capital share increase, it would definitely benefit me a lot. 

Welcome OCBC on board!

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